Mammals By tony lochner


A male sheep with large horns used for fighting.


A small toothed whale that is very smart and social.


A wild carnivores dog found traveling in packs.


A large carnivores cat with powerful muscles.


A small carnivore in the dog family that is very sneaky.


A fast and harmless herbivore that is common in many places.


An incredibly strong and durable cow like animal with back facing horns.


A funny and clever animal raised mostly for food like bacon.


A large,powerful animal built to run and used for many things such as farm work.


Large omnivores found most commonly in the forests or mountains.


Created with images by cmart29 - "jaguar wild cat mammal" • Beeki - "aries mammal horn" • Claudia14 - "dolphin marine mammals water" • WikiImages - "wolf predator canidae" • bobistraveling - "Male Lion NC Zoo Asheboro NC 4656" • Mostly Dans - "Fox" • smarko - "wildlife young mammal" • Derek Keats - "Cape Buffalo having a snooze" • Belanescu Dan - "Pig" • Alexas_Fotos - "shire horse horse coupling" • chascar - "Grizzly Bear" • Belanescu Dan - "Pig" • Claudia14 - "dolphin marine mammals water" • Mostly Dans - "Fox" • Alexas_Fotos - "shire horse horse coupling" • chascar - "Grizzly Bear" • deborahmancino - "african lion" • smarko - "wildlife young mammal" • Ivy105 - "bighorn ram male" • WikiImages - "wolf predator canidae" • hbieser - "south africa hluhluwe buffalo"

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