Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera H1, natural - Ixhuatlán, mexico

Quick Facts

Producer: Santuario Project, Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera

Country: Mexico

Region: Ixhuatlán

Elevation: 1,350 MASL

Variety: H1

Process: Natural

Harvest: February - April


Jesús Alberto Nolasco Herrera is a very small producer full of passion for coffee. Since the beginning of partnering with the Santuario Project in Mexico, he has always performed and consistently delivered high quality coffees.

This coffee by Jesús was processed in Santuario's specialty coffee mill in Ixhuatlán. With its sweet fruit flavors, this coffee represents the essence of coffees from Ixhuatlán.

Flavor Notes

Berries, Juicy, Plum

This coffee exudes the fruit characteristics of Ixhuatlán coffee. Juicy berries and dark plum are perfectly balanced with a bittersweet chocolate backbone and an uplifting citric vibrancy.

Processing Information


As with all Santuario coffees, processing begins with perfectly ripe cherry selection based on brix measurement (sugar content) not color. For the natural process, the cherries are floated and washed before moving directly to raised drying beds which are housed in green houses outfitted with fans to control temperature and humidity of the drying environment more effectively.

Regional Informaton

Ixhuatlán, Mexico

The Ixhuatlán region has one of the most differentiated coffees in Mexico due to its regional microclimate conditions and its people who have a deep commitment to the production of special coffees and tradition. The Santuario Project works in the region with an important group of small producers who are solely focused on quality.

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