Toronto, Canada By Tim PetRik and Oliver Baker

Welcome to Toronto, if you are planning a visit we recommend coming during the summer, because it is so cold here even in the summer you can still participate in winter sports like hockey and ice skating. The average cost for a round trip for a round trip for one person is about 177 dollars by plane from Massachusetts.

This is the Trump international hotel. This Hotel is $419 for one night. It is a five star hotel and is in Toronto to see landmarks

The is the intercontinental tower in Toronto. This tower is right near the CN and is walkable to it. Is is a four star hotel and is $195.

This landmark is a rotating restaurant in the sky. This is both an attraction and a place to eat foods in Toronto. You get to see the whole city when you are in the attraction because it is so high up.

Canada has a Westminster style federal parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy. Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada.

Status is free. The freedom rating 1.0 with 1 being the best. Civil liberties is 1. Political right 1.( 1= best 7= worst)

Justin Trudeau was born December 25, 1971. He is the leader of the liberal party. He became a critic of citizenship and immigration.


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