Stay Rooted during Hurricane Season (Scroll to Read)

Most states only have four seasons; here in Florida, hurricane season is the honorary fifth. Learn the right way to prepare your yard to minimize damage and maximize safety.

Before the storm, make sure to contact Urban Forestry at 386-986-3758 if you have any trees that are leaning or appear hazardous. Urban forestry will check it out and help keep you and the trees safe!

It’s important to protect young trees by placing secure stakes in the ground to keep the tree stable and prevent it from blowing over.

Remember to not remove healthy fronds from palms. The only fronds that should be removed are ones that are completely brown. Don’t tie up the fronds either, palms have adapted to allow wind to blow right through.

Have chemicals such as cleaners, pesticides, or motor oil? Make sure to place them in an elevated and secure location to prevent contaminating floodwaters.

Bring potted plants and other delicate items inside to prevent damage.

Once the storm is here, refrain from doing any yardwork or construction projects and do not place materials at the curb during a Watch or Warning period. This will decrease the chance of damage to your and others homes from flying debris.

After the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside, place debris curbside. Make sure that it does not go into the road or block a fire hydrant or mailbox. Depending on the severity of the damage, debris pick-up will either be collected by Public Works, WastePro or a debris management company.

Prepare your yard this hurricane season by following these tips and keeping your home Rooted in Nature.

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