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If you read my article from last week I talked a lot about how different my brother and I are. One of the main differences that he and I have is, Steven is a home body. I, on the other hand, love being away from home. Steven has always just enjoyed sitting in the comfort of his own four bedroom walls, where I, would rather travel. Now saying this, it's not that I don't love my family, it's just I love to explore and be away.

Since high school, every summer I have spent two months counselling at a camp. Said camp is around the area of Killaloe, about a six hour drive north.

That is 439 kilometers away.

My parents come up for one week, but I am away from them for most of the time.

This being away from home was not always to this full scale. In school I often participated in way too many after school groups and if I wasn't in a club, I was at a friends house or went to the park etc. My whole family was generally busy throughout the week realistically, so, we saw very little of each other some days.

The sense of home was never the fact of a building for me either. Growing up we lived in a number of different places. We never moved because of a job change or anything, from what I can remember we just moved. However, I loved this. I loved moving into a new place, setting my room up in a new way, experiencing a new neighborhood, and a new house to explore. So the definition of home was never a house. To be a little corny, home is where the heart is and my heart is everywhere.

As of right now I live in Kitchener. I moved here last year for school and couldn't be happier.

Finally, I was getting away from the Niagara Region.

In all seriousness however it as a big jump for me. I had to start in a brand new city, make completely new friends, and find my way around these winding roads. It has been about a year and a half and I still use my GPS. And I can guarantee the process was a little daunting. I moved in with new people, I started going to school with new people, I even got coffee from new people every morning. (Yes, the Tim Hortons by my high school new my name).

The night before moving up I noticed my nervousness for the first time. I couldn't sleep, and all I could think of was any possible thing that could go wrong the next day. I was a mess. But, I couldn't show my family that. I put on my big girl pants and drove to Kitchener.

Weeks went on, I made friends, and found out at least how to get back and forth to school. My mom would freak out because I wouldn't call her for 2 weeks, or message me, asking why I hadn't posted on social media in a couple of days. And as an 18 year old who just moved out, it was really annoying to say the least. But I dealt with it because I knew if I stopped answering her calls she would freak out more than she already was. And she would probably drive to Kitchener if she had to.

I went home about once a month to visit my two best friends since I had also left them at home, as well as visiting my family.

I do remember one night very clearly. I was lying in my bed, probably avoiding homework or laundry, like the adult that I am and had this overwhelming feeling that I was alone. And I was fully aware that I had three amazing close friends in my program, and that I lived with this lovely family of four, but I felt like I needed my home back.

That night I messaged Paige and Hannah about this thought. How although I had friends, I didn't have close friends, although I lived with a family, it wasn't my family and although my parents and best friends were just a phone call away, it wasn't the same as face to face conversation.

There was a survey done by a company called Topdeck Travel:

Out of 31,000 millennials from 134 different countries: 88 percent of them traveled overseas between one and three times a year.

There has been a number of studies done in 2016 that say millennials love to travel. However, it is not just to experience the party-animal in each country, but more to be engulfed in culture and to explore.

I feel as though this pertains to me but in a much smaller scale. When trying to decide what college I wanted to go to, out of five only one was in town. I wanted that sense of making a big move away and experiencing a totally new lifestyle.

I wanted to be engulfed in another city and explore a place I didn't know.

My melt down that one school evening was my desire to return to my known place. The people I had grown up with, the family that I was raised in. I just wanted it all back.

I had started this column by saying that I wasn't a home body. And, I still believe that to be true for the most part. I am not a person who would rather be inside. I am not a person who would rather be around my family ALL the time. And I am not a person who is confined to the wooden fence on my property.

But I am someone who loves family and friends. Someone who needs all the support she can get because she is too crazy for herself to handle. And someone who truly believes that he heart is her family and that is where her home is.

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