Blushing Red Boudoir A body love experience

Are YOU ready to do this for YOU? Are you ready to take back that love for yourself? To be brave and to be completely and unapologetically YOU? Than lets do this.

I am a firm believer that we as women are constantly made to feel less, or compare ourselves to others everyday. I am also a firm believer that we as women can FIGHT this stigma and take back control of this self love that so many of us seem to lack.
As a mother, as a wife, as a friend as a daughter. I know how hard this can be to just let go. Let me help you reclaim that love for YOU that you so desperately deserve. Let me show you what everyone sees in you, that you just seem to be missing. Lets make this the best experience ever.

"But Im awkward"

If I had a dollar every time I heard this, I would never have to work again. Do you realize that basically every woman that contacts me about doing a shoot says these words. No-one EVER looks awkward want to know why?

Because I got you.

I am going to help you with EVERY part of your experience with me. Hair and Makeup- We got you covered!
What to wear? We have a client wardrobe you can borrow from that is all included in your sitting fee. I also have TONS of resources for you to check out before you come for your session. I am always available via email to help you with outfit choices as well!
Once you come to your session, I will pose EVERY part of you. You dont need to know how to do anything because I am going to help you EVERY step of the way. I will tell you how to breathe, arch that back and point those toes. Your gonna look FAB!

What is included in the Sitting fee?

*Professional Hair + Makeup
*Styling Advice
* "The Experience"- Sessions typically last around 90 minutes. But with everything including Hair and makeup and travel to the studio we always say block off your whole morning for this fun experience!
*Ordering Session- This is when we get to view all of your edited images together and pick out your goodies! The good news is, you dont make ANY decisions on what products you may want until AFTER you see your images and LOVE them.

what should I wear?

We always recommend 3-4 outfits for your Body love session. This can be a combination of your outfits as well as Client wardrobe. I always recommend wearing things that make YOU feel the best. Sometimes just a low cut tank and some cute Lacey undies is a great option! Once you book I will send you a list of some of my favorite places to find unique lingerie!

When do your shoots take place?

We shoot Monday thru Friday 10am for Hair and Makeup at Spa 41 and than we typically start your shoot around 1130am! When you arrive we have champagne waiting for you, we go thru your outfits together and figure out what you will feel most comfortable in to start!
Dont worry EVERYONE is nervous at first. But within 5 minutes of being with me, your gonna feel comfortable and have a blast. Champagne helps too ­čśś

Meet your glam squad!

We have two AMAZING Hair and makeup artists that work with Blushing Red Boudoir. Amber Anthony and Andi Wheatley. They are both so amazing and talented. They will apply full face makeup, apply lashes and a loose wave one you hair! We want your hair to be moveable and touchable, we use it as prop so we always want that sexy bedroom hair look!
*Pro Tip- Take a date night on the evening of your session date, your gonna look amazing why not?


Blushing Red Experience- $550
We now offer split payments! 50% of the sitting fee is due to book, the remaining can be paid within 30 days of booking (We will need a card on file so we can auto run this within 30 days of your booking)!


Dont fret, we got you.
No credit required. How it works- Once you view your images, love them and choose your products you are required to put down $100 and provide two cards for automatic withdrawals. We can break your payments down up to 6 months! once you have paid in full, we order your goodies. Its that easy!
This is a great option for those who need a little more time to pay off their goodies, but dont want to wait! Once you are approved for PAYPAL Credit you have 6 months to pay it off to PayPal INTEREST FREE! But the even better news is that you get your stuff right away and dont have to wait!
We accept all other forms of credit.


I want you to have TANGIBLE beautiful art to cherish forever.
After you have viewed your images and love them, you will choose your products!
I have a few different options and I will explain them below!
FOLIO BOX- this is a collection of beautiful matted 8x10 portraits that come in a GORGEOUS box. These are great for people that want to display their images on their walls. But not everyone loves the idea of their butt on their walls, and thats ok! Thats why I offer albums as well! Folio boxes start at 1700 for 10 images in that box and go up depending on the amount of images.
HEIRLOOM ALBUMS- these are my MOST popular option, not only because of their amazing quality but because of the value. My albums start at an 8x8 inch album with 20 images for $1800, so for $100 more you get double the images as in the folio box in a beautiful album.
PORTRAITS- the last option I offer are individual wall portraits. These can be added onto any Folio, Album or Collection purchase and start at $150 for 8x10 and go up depending on the size and the finish!
All of the products that we offer are top of the line available to photographers only. We want you to have the BEST. We do all the work for you. Just pick out your images and we will design and curate the perfect products for you.


Lets do this!

Once deposit has been paid lets chat! Shoot an email to blushingredphoto@gmail.com and we will set up your date and get all the details worked out! If you would prefer to pay after we chat thats ok too!
I cant wait for you to experience this!


Blushing Red Photography