What to Wear A Guide to Family Photography

Deciding what to wear for your family photos can really affect the outcome of your end products. You want to create a look that is timeless and flows well together. Dress appropriately for your location and surroundings. Colors, textures, patterns all play a role in the end result.

What to Wear:

  • Coordinate, don’t match
  • Neutrals colors look best with pops of color.
  • Pop of color is GOOD (mustard, burgundy, olive green)
  • Wear something that is comfortable and YOU. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror then you are not going to like it on camera.
  • Make sure to dress weather appropriate
  • Dresses work best for mom and girls that flow to create movement
  • Limit patterns, add textures
  • Use a color Palette
  • Shoes matter!

DO NOT Wear:

  • All white or all black (NO, black sweaters)
  • Do NOT all match
  • Shirts with logos or numbers
  • Crazy patterns or thin stripes
  • Something you would not normally wear
  • Neon colors
Pinks and blues. Soft colors can be just as effective if done right. Mom picked colors from her dress to coordinate her children's clothing. She went with a color palette of pink's and blues. The colors do NOT have to be the exact same, just of the same hue when coordinating.

An easy way to dress your family is take the youngest and put them in a pattern, either a plaid shirt or a dress with at least 3 colors. Think of this as the base to your color scheme. Pull colors from that pattern to dress the others. Every piece should match that one pattern. You can layer with scarfs or sweaters to tie colors in as well. Feel free to send us photos if you have questions. I am also happy to put something together for you as well!

Don't be afraid to add a pop of color. This pop of mustard yellow was the perfect touch to create this amazing color scheme.
Use bold colors such as mustard, burgundy and olives. They pop against dull backdrops such as dead grass or desert scenery.
Coordinate, don't match. Try adding layers such as a vest or sweater to tie in colors. Blue & Orange are complimentary colors and work well together.
Limit patterns, pull colors from a single pattern. Keeps things clean and simple but classic.

Inspiration Boards

For in-home sessions, solids and neutrals work great. This keeps things simple and not distracting. Neutrals work best with any home decor.
Soft colors that are not distracting works perfect.

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