👇ZOOMS 2018👇

Discover the Salon de la Photo's 9th edition of the Zooms competition!

To encourage and highlight the craft of photography, the Salon de la Photo initiated in 2010 the "ZOOMS", two prizes awarded by the public, and the photo press.

The results will be proclaimed on October 2 2018.

Nine editors in chief of the photography press each designated an emerging photographer (whether French or based in France).

Pierre Gély-Fort, introduced by Dimitri Beck

Director of Photography of Polka Magazine

Irkutsk, Siberia, October 2017


Once upon a time…

Passions can be discovered at any age. Following a career spent entirely working in the automobile industry, Pierre Gély-Fort turned to photography in his sixties, following a health problem. Now retired from his previous life, he is a young photographer.

Ivolkinskiy, Siberia, October 2017

Met on the occasion of a portfolio assessment at Polka in 2017, I was immediately seduced by his way of capturing real-life moments suffused with a timeless air, rather like an enchanted merry-go-round where nothing is quite right.

Yalta, Crimea, August 2016

Troubling snapshots and intriguing figures seem to have come directly from some Eastern European fiction. An untidy kitchen with rows of knifes and machetes hanging by magnets from the pastel blue wall; two smiling women in a sun-filled café flaunting two syringes; a close-up of a stray dog with odd-coloured eyes…

Yalta, Crimea, August 2016

A certain air of Surrealism pervades Pierre’s photographs, taken over the course of various journeys to Siberia, Crimea, Georgia and Bulgaria. None of these photographs are accompanied by captions. Like a fairy tale, Pierre’s work represents a journey outside time, where everyone can relate their own story.

Dimitri Beck

Director of Photography of Polka Magazine

Yalta, Crimea, August 2016


Pierre Gély-Fort was born one winter’s day in 1954, in Algiers. The Sirocco wind pushed him and his family to a forced departure, in 1962, back to France.

Pervomayskiy, Siberia, October 2017

Following car mechanics and electrical studies in Argenteuil, he began his career in France, before embarking on the life of an expat overseas. For over twenty-five years, he worked in Asia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Krasnoyarovo, Siberia, October 2017

After forty-two years working exclusively in the car industry, a serious health problem would force him to take early retirement.

Shilka, Siberia, October 2017

He then turned his attention to photography and took a photography course at Les Gobelins in late-2015, as well as a number of photography workshops, two of which were with the French photographer of Slovenian origin, Klavdij Sluban.

Pernik, Bulgaria, March 2017

Following this, he travelled to Crimea, Siberia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and most recently to Transylvania and Japan. In order to give life and meaning to his work, he self-publishes his books of photographs taken over the course of his various travels.

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, March 2017

This led him to attract the attention of the Galerie Agathe Gaillard, where director Fiona Sanjabi plans to exhibit his work.

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Pierre Gély-Fort


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