Film and video editor Haley wells

What do they do?

A film and video editor is a highly skilled film employee who edits movies and videos. The success failure of the production lies in that persons hands. The final production must be a project that takes in the story line or personality of the starring actor.

Facts & Information

To be a film and video editor you have to use Creativity.

It takes a long time to film and edit a video because the editor has to choose the best shots.

Some computers that you can use for editing videos is I-Mac, Mac-Book Pro and Apple Mac-Book Pro.

Editing Apps you can use for small edits

Pics art (Photo- Magic, Stickers and Collages.) We heart it (Photo-quotes,style and fashion.) I-Movie (Videos.) Pic-Collage (Collages.) Video-Show (Video- small videos.) Pic-lay (Photo edit-blend or blurry.) All are free.

Cameras you could use

Canon EOS 1200-D ($400) and Nikon D-3200 ($450)


Bachelor's degree

How much they make a year?

The salary for a film and video editor is $57,210 a year.


Prospects said If you want to be a film and video editor you have to be responsible for your job. Digital technology specialist computer software and high quality of sound and pictures have effectively replaced the traditional manual method of cutting film. The material may include camera footage, sound effects, graphics and special effects. A key role in the post production process and your skills can determine the quality and delivery of the final product. You will usually work closely with the director to achieve the end result.

What to take in school?

Art, Commercial Photography, Film and Videotape and Photography.





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