February 2019

Volume 4, Number 2

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer and often the supreme disappointment―Ansel Adams

this just in...

Jeffry Booher

Well another Year End Competition completed. Another banquet down the hatch. This year was pretty smooth. It was also pretty small. We had the fewest number of entries into the competition and the smallest gathering for the banquet. All in all, though, it was fun, hassle free experience and I think that it was fun because it was hassle free.

We gave away some pretty nice gifts at the banquet. Some folks got 2 or 3 gifts because we expected more people to attend but, alas, we did not get the numbers we thought we would (attendance-wise).

Keeping with tradition, I would like to thank Fromex Pro Lab Prints, Georges Camera, Larry Vogel, John Watts, The Museum of Photographic Arts, Nelson's Photo, and Nainsook Framing + Art. Those wonderful organizations provided us with goods and services which, in turn, we gifted to you folks at the Year End Banquet. Finally I want to thank Kim Tiffany who supplied us with flowers all year long for the winner and centerpieces for the tables at the banquet. Hopefully her shop, Windy's flowers, will continue providing us with flowers.

● ● ●

The program planning committee met recently to plan the program calendar for the year and they have tentatively scheduled two overnight trips this year. In early May, the club is planning a 4 day trip to Alabama Hills. In October the club is planning a 4 day trip to the Central coast. As I mentioned in last month's presidential address, I plan to shoot more this year and these two trips will help.

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We had a rip-roarin' good time at the Year End Banquet but that was mostly because most of us had a lot of tequila.

You have to drink tequila with tacos...

Darkroomers handed out over $1100 in gifts and prizes which just goes to show just how much we care about our members. That's over $1100 worth of caring...

● ● ●


We had a lot of Saturdays in January but Darkroomers did not do a damn thing. Mostly because I was nursing a cold for much of the month. Tanya stepped up and held a photowalk on the 30th that brought about 15 visitors to our 5th Wednesday meeting. Hopefully some of them become members.

● ● ●

door mat

We roll with the punches in February and kick off the Weekend Workshop Series with our annual matting workshop Saturday, February 9th. You must be a member to attend this workshop as it is a hands-on event and space will be limited. The workshop begins at 9am in the Photographic Arts Building but get there a little early so you can help out and get set up. Bring an image that you would like to mat as a practice piece and a small donation to cover the cost of materials. This is a great opportunity to learn how to mat your photos even if you are not planning on doing your own matting right away.

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level up

This month we have Photoshop expert, Stephen Burns, stopping by the darkroom to talk to us about taking our images to the next level.

Our goals as artists is to express how the world around us has influenced us, to use art to share our thoughts; our feelings; and our experiences...

Stephen will share how to use the tools in Photoshop to create art in a unique demo that you will not want to miss. The last time Stephen came and showed off his Photoshop skills, you were all amazed. The experience starts at 7P on February 6th so mark your calendar. Seriously, do you need to mark your calendar? It's like 3 days from now...

● ● ●

short bus

We may have missed the bus on programs in January but we have a Motion Blur outing coming in March that will leave you in a fog. The quarterly theme for this quarter is Motion Blur and we want you all to participate so the planning commission has put together a fun motion blur trip. This is a fun theme because it doesn't need to be in focus and motion blur can cover a wide range of subject matter and techniques.

Here are a few techniques that you can experiment with to help create motion blur:

  • Focus Pull (a.ka. Focus Blur)
  • Zoom Burst
  • Camera Shake
  • Panning
  • Tilting

The nice thing about motion blur is that it can be abstract and use a variety of techniques (including flash) and, if you have trouble getting something stationary in focus, then this style of photography may suit you better because critical focus doesn't matter.

In motion blur photography you can consider the following modalities:

  • The background is sharp with the subject blurry
  • The background is blurry and the subject is sharp
  • Both the background and the subject are blurry creating a motion abstract.

● ● ●


Last month, the Programming Committee decided the quarterly themes for the year and recently planned planned photo outings and workshops to support each of the quarters. The outings and workshops will generally take place during the quarter but we may juggle things around.

For those who have not been paying attention, the theme for the first quarter of 2019 is Motion Blur

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interclub update

Interclub starts up in March but send your January images to submissions@darkroomers.com so we can start building our database of images to send to the competition.

New members can follow the electronic image submission guide that will help you get your photos out of Photoshop or Lightroom and ready for Projected Image Competition. If you need help then Terri Thompson, this year's Interclub Director, is ready to take your calls. Send her a note at tthompsonca@cox.net.

● ● ●

scacc news

Former SCACC VP, Director of Building Management, Mike Shane, climbed up on the roof and filled about 6 bags worth of leaves and debris that was causing the roof to leak. Unfortunately now both toilets are acting up and one of the sinks is leaking. Dave Poplawski has stepped up to fix the problems.

● ● ●

Al Larranaga of Poly Photo was at the January SCACC meeting and proposed establishing a committee to market SCACC in a more professional manner. The committee will onboard one person from each club and Al will chair the committee and take the recommendations to the SCACC Board of Directors for approval or there will be hell to pay.

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Pasha Turley

Our Judge for February is Pasha Turley. Pasha is a former art and photography professor from Southwestern College. Her award winning artwork has been exhibited in over 150 exhibitions and appears in textbook, magazines, and journals. Pasha is the recipient of numerous grants including a California Art Council Grant, Fulbright-Hays Grant, and a San Diego Foundation Grant. She often serves as a jurist for exhibitions and has acted as an art consultant.

Besides making art, her other passions are travel and sailing. She has owned three sailboats which she either raced or cruised in such places as the Caribbean. Pasha is an adventurer and has spent a good portion of her life trekking and backpacking throughout South America.

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