Carvey By:BARUCH Herrera

This logo represents the Chicago hockey team known as the Chicago Blackhawks.

I got the idea when I was remembering when I went to my first hockey game.

The story behind it is that logo was founded by a man named Maj. Frederic McLaughlin in 1926 and it was named after the Blackhawk division which was a u.s army unit that fought during world war 1.

The ideas that I wanted to show is that the Chicago Blackhawks is still a great team.

I went to search on google and was looking for pictures about the Chicago Blackhawks and so picked this one because it looked interesting.

I customized my design by sketching the picture of the logo and then line it with sharpie.

For the positive shapes I made sure that they would become wider or thinner and for the negative shapes i started to shade them and tried to made them fit with the picture.

I tried to simulate my picture of the sketch and some features couldn't carved so shaded the features so it would be a bit darker and changed the bit size.

I had to prepare my design by putting it in easel for carving.

First I had to take a picture of my design then send it to the computer. Second i had to save it to downloads and put it in a jpeg file. Finally I had to import the picture of my design.

I had to remove some details to get it ready and tried increase the size of my design.

When I imported my design in to easel there was some red lines on it which means it couldn't carved

When the machine was carving my design I was impressed how the machine was processing.

The machine works when you put your carvin tile into the machine and it will do the job.

First I had to sketch the design. Second I had to airdrop the picture of the design to the computer and save it to downloads and turn it into a jpeg file. Third i had import it to easel and simulate it to make sure how long would it take to carve. Finally I use the computer to connect to the machine and put the carving tile inside the machine so it can carve.

I was excited to see how my design look like on the carving tile when it's done.

When my design was done carving I took it out of the machine it turned out the way I wanted to be.

My carving turned out the way i planned because it had right features I put when I was sketching it.

I balance the positive and negative shapes and negative shapes when I photoshop my design before I carved it.

I'm most proud of that I didn't messed up on my design.

I could've picked a red and white carving tile because the colors of the Blackhawks are red and white.

The most interesting part of this process was how it was carved.

This wasn 't difficult at all and it was bit easy.

What I think about this project was that it was fun.

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