Not For Sale! Zaikyah bell

Why should we speak up ?

now more than ever, people are learning about trafficking, talking about it, and attempting to do something about it. And since January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month , now is a great time to gain knowledge and take action.

1. would you want someone to stand by knowing your being held captive and having to sell your body for money you never get?

2. Being taken away from your family for who knows how long . What if you never make it home ? they take you so far away that the time isn't even the same and you don't know either if you're in America or on another continent.

3. Who in the world said this was okay ? This is some very Inhumane work being done, What if this was child missing ? you had no clue where she was , who had her , or what was being done to her. Just sitting there thinking why me , you know it's a sharp pain in your heart when you want to know why this happened to you but can't get any answers.Somethings are done in mysterious ways.


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