Dinosaur Raptor

Fossil remains in asia

It's a predator

They are terrible clawed lizard

It's speed was named for the dinosaur

Sharp claw on second toe

The group belongs to a dromaesaurs

They lived 99 to 65 millions years

It's speed was named for the dinosaur


Created with images by spencer77 - "Velociraptor, Dinosaur Adventure Park, Weston Longville" • Archbob - "Dromaeosaur Skeleton" • Annie Brightstar - "Grabbing a bite on the move - snacking for a busy velociraptor" • phtorxp - "dinosaur velociraptor dinopark" • Rusty Clark - On the Air M-F 8am-noon - "Cherie Down Park, Cape Canaveral FL" • Kabacchi - "Velociraptor - 01" • Archbob - "Pair of Dromaeosaurs" • oldandsolo - "Skeleton of my favourite dino- the Velociraptor" • sgtfury - "dinosaur zoo velociraptor"

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