Blizzard's By derik and george

Blizzards are severe storms that have strong winds and cover everything with snow, and lasts for hours or even more. They can cover your house in lots snow, so you may not be able to get out, and if you can't you'll eventually run out of food and starve.

and now for some fun facts...

-A blizzard is a severe snow storm with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibility of less than a 1/4 mile for more than 3 hours.

-Blizzards can also occur after snowfall when high winds cause whiteouts (fallen snow blowing around) and snowdrifts (huge mountains of snow), which decrease visibility.

-The first blizzard to be declared a Federal Emergency was in 1977, affecting upstate New York and Southern Ohio. The storm’s accumulation was only about 12 inches over 5 days, but the winds were deadly.

where it came from.

11 Facts About Blizzards | | Volunteer for Social …

Blizzard - Wikipedia


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