Life assistance Saving lifes

A new way of living for Hong Kong eldelry

by Rafa Oria

What would I offer?

A Tele assistance system through which old people would be able to have independency thanks to our sensitive controls installed at their homes that record their normal movements and find anomaly patterns of behaviour, linked to a cardio measuring bracelet, which will send an alert to families or medical care.

To who?

Old people that want to live alone with independency, but because of the age or a disease, family or someone has to be “controlling” their lives, but does not need a person to be on top of them at every moment.Buyers will be families or relatives that monitories them trough the smartphone app, but consumers of the sensor display will be these old people.


Hong Kong has a problem with an aging population; In 2014, 15% of the population was over 65 years, by 2036, 50%, will be considered as old. The Government offers public aids under the name of RCHEs ( Residential care homes for elderly), but not enough, and people are dying because of this.

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