Braidlet The aid bracelet

Who are we?

Braidlet is a service that provides tranquillity to people who have medical issues either because of suffering a heart chronic disease, or just because of age. We offer a bracelet, including accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate and blood pressure measurements, that will keep track of normal patterns of behaviour. When recorded data vary too much from usual data (heart rate too low while movement is on course) the server will display an alert form in our application held by relatives, or directly contact the medical care if the problem continues.

How does it work?

User will carry the bracelet the whole day, that will record their pulse rate, movements, blood pressure and sleeping hours. The information will be transmitted to a smartphone application relatives will have installed. Our system will be analyzing the information and displaying it on a normal case scenario:

Bracelet normal display
Application page when normal patterns are registered, displaying 24/7 progress of the user


When abnormal patterns are found, our alert service takes place. First the alarm is displayed on the bracelet at the same time it starts vibrating, so if it is an error of our system, the user has the possibility of pressing "OK" button and cancel the protocol. If this does not happen, the alert will immediately be sent to the application, displaying reasons, and giving the relative the possibility of either calling the user, or ambulance service if no answer is received, with a GPS location sent. If the relative does not open the application within 3 minutes of alarm, our system will directly get in contact with the ambulance system, reducing sudden risks.

Bracelet alert activated
Alarm display on application

Our company

We will give the bracelets free of payment, and will only be charging 200HK$ per month from the 1st day of the next month the service is working with you.

Our mission: Assure security to elderly and people any age suffering from chronic diseases who will be 24/7 connected to their relatives while giving measurement preventions against sudden risk situations.

Our Vision: We aim to reduce the number of people suddenly dying, giving immediate responses to risk situations, as well as contributing with a solution for those that are not happy with their actual way of living, changing the traditional concept of assistance.

Contact us

Any doubts, do not hesitate in contacting us!

Phone number: +852 2810 2560 / +34 686655667


Facebook: Braidlet

Instagram: @braidlet

Office hours: 10:00-13:00 and 14:30-18:00

Where are we?

We are a company registered in Hong Kong with office set up in 50, Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Add any doubts/concerns or things to discuss, you will soon be responded!

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