Chicago BY Albert

Sears towers (the highest tower in Chicago)

When I went to Chicago it was amazing because it was completely different from Norway. We went there because my mum was in a choir and had many singing concerts in Chicago. It was the first time I had gone further than Europe so I was a bit scared on such a long flight. It turned out that they had little TV screens on the planes so I played Tetris for five hours straight and for the last three hours I slept.

Picture taken from the plane when there was 5 minutes left until landing

When we finally got there I was so excited to look outside and look at the high buildings that I have never seen before. Even though I played Tetris on the plane, it was still boring since you had sit on a seat the whole flight and there was no possibility to move anyway. I sat in between my mum ad dad but the person who sat next to my mum was an overweight person and next to my dad was watching a movie the whole flight. It wasn't that warm since we cam there in April so I was used to heat but the water there was a different story. The situation with water isn't that good in Chicago. The government say it's safe but not all of the citizens say it is clean. Therefore, every morning we had to go to the closest supermarket and buy bottled water.

A cow farm

Since my mum was on a tour with her choir, the tour manager had planned some things and one of the things was to go to this huge cow farm. The cow farm had around nine thousand cows and that was a lot for us Norwegians since a standard Norwegian cow farm has twenty cows. The way they milked the cows was also a bit weird. It was basically a merry go around with fifty milking stations. The cows would go on on one side and off on the other side.while they were going around the merry go around they would be milked by machines on the merry go around. The cow farm makes around a thousand litres of milk every week.

The China king restaurant we went to.


There are many restaurants in Chicago but we weren't in the city so we found a Chinese restaurant. I recommend this place so much because it had the best noodles I had ever tasted. At that time I thought the noodles was pasta but when I tasted it was completely different. The service at the restaurant is good since if you are young they give you a free ice cream for dessert. It is also pretty central and it doesn't take long to get there because it is only ten kilometers away from the city.

Things to do

There are many things you can do in Chicago but some of the best things to do is to visit Sears towers which is the highest building in Chicago and when you get up there you can see the whole city and beyond that. It doesn't cost that much but the waiting times on going up the lifts are horrendous. We went there when there was a lot of people and it took about an hour to get up the tower but the view at the top makes it up for the day.

The view from the Sears tower

Another thing to do would go to the beach of lake Michigan. The water is pretty cold but you can still do a picnic at the beach. The view from the beach is amazing since you can see the whole skyline of Chicago and you can also see all the boats coming in from the other side of the lake. You could also hear the planes roaring over your head but I couldn't see them because of the clouds covering the sky.My mum, my dad and I did it but we didn't stay there for long because the cold winds came in from the lake and we went to the hotel and ate the picnic in the hotel.

The beach by lake Michigan


A hotel in the outskirts of Chicago

If you are trying to find a hotel in Chicago i would recommend Hilton Garden inn. The hotel is right next to the International airport of Chicago so it is very convenient if you you want to walk from the hotel to the airport. In my experience of the hotel, it was very luxurious but not that expensive. It has a swimming pool and a training area if you want to relax and the bedrooms vary in size but up to eight people can be in one room, four adults and four children. In this hotel they also have a breakfast serving in the morning and they had cornflakes but I wasn't very observant and on the box it said extra sugar. When i tasted it it was very sugary and I gave up on eating it.


To get to Chicago takes along time because it is on the other side of the world, therefore you have to take the plane. As I mentioned before, I was very bored on the flight. However the waitresses on the plane are very nice to you and give a deck of cards and some juice to drink. It depends on what airline you go on but we went on KLM and have TV screens on every seat so but they don't have any movies in economy class, they only have some games and online books.

To get around Chicago there are trains that go around the city all day and they basically replace the underground metro but these trains go above most of the main roads in Chicago. We didn't use the trains that much since we weren't in the city that much the choir had ordered five buses to follow us around and take us around places we needed to go which was very convenient since we had to go pretty far some times.

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