CARVING By Mia Kruse

I got the idea for my carving from graffiti. I really enjoy the way the words look and so I wanted to make a carving of my last name in graffiti.

To create my design, I wrote my name in graffiti on a website and then moved it into photoshop. I had to take out parts of the original name design to make it carvable.

When I put my design into Easel, I had to tilt my design to make it fit. I then was told that some of my lines wouldn't carve because they were too thin and so I had to go back into photoshop and thicken them.

The machine worked very fast and took around 15 minutes to complete my design, although it didnt do the little space in the R until the very last seconds. The carving material caused a lot of shavings to build up.

I am very happy with how my carving turned out, it looks very good. I think the most difficult part was having to thicken the lines over and over until they were able to carve.

Created By
Mia k


Created with images by Horia Varlan - "Graffiti of the word cope next to an animal face"

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