My side of the story By aiden wheaton

My Side of the Story.

I met this boy when we were in 5th grade, he was in 4th. He was on my bus and everyone told me to be careful because he was very irritating. I knew nothing about him and didn't think anything of him.

He apparently didn’t stop talking but I decided one day to be nice and talk to him while we were waiting for our bus to be called. He seemed nice but as the year went on, he got more and more obnoxious and annoying. After we got out of elementary school I didn’t see him again until 7th grade when he was on my bus once again.

The whole year he was rude to me, even though I was always nice to him. When I passed him in the hallway I would say hi but he got annoyed. I was the second to last stop getting off the bus, he was the stop before me. One time last year I went to sit in the front so I could get off the bus faster and I ended up sitting next to him. Since he had a lot of kids getting off the bus at his stop, I waited for all the kids to pass the seat, then I stood up and let him out so I wouldn’t hold up the whole line.

One day when the 8th graders weren’t there and the 7th graders got to sit in the back of the bus, Jonathan Clark and I were roasting each other. We used to just say rude things to each other and then get over it the next day. On this particular day, all the 7th graders sat in the back of the bus and a few minutes before Jonathan and this boy got off the bus.

Jonathan said something to me, which I don’t even remember, then I said something back to him, which I don’t even remember but then I hear the boy chime in and said, “Aw come on Aiden, we know you take little kids money and rape them.” When he said that everyone on the bus went silent.

I stood up and said “write him up!” (jokingly) My bus driver stopped the bus and told him to apologize. He sunk done in the seat in quietly apologized. He got off the bus and I figured the situation would be over.

Maybe my bus driver would write him up, but I really didn’t care. The next day I got called up to the office during Social Studies, I had no idea why. I got up to the office and Mrs. Patten took me into her office. I sat down and she said, “Tell me about ...”

I sat there and said “What?”.

Out of things they could be calling me to office about they ask me about the kid that screamed across the bus that I rape little kids. I told her about what he said. She told me he admitted to saying that, but what else. I told her how I normally don’t even talk to him. She told me about how his father called the school and told them that I wouldn’t let him out of his seat at his stop and how I screamed at him in hallway.

I tried to explain myself because none of that was true, but she wasn’t having it. She told me that even if I didn’t see it as bullying, he did, his father did, and they did. She said his father was very mad about this and he was personally driving him to school and from school and that I was to sit in the very front of the bus for the rest of the year. My bus driver didn’t make me sit in the front of the bus because she knew I really didn’t do anything. After that happened I really didn’t see him again until this year. Nothing else ever happened with the situation or this boy. We don’t talk much or bash on each other, there's no need to.

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