Top Trump Bots created by Adam Robinson. Story created by Adam Theodoridi

Welcome to the Grand City of Dremand

Ruled by the said to be all powerful hierarchs, the grand city of Dremand is a thriving type six to type seven civilization that has seen never ceasing expansion across the entirety of the planet that it dwells on. Many wonders are to be enjoyed within the grand city whether they be at the highest point in the sky or towards the lowest point within the very depths of the earth, and all of the grand city's citizenship all owes it to the ever-caring and watchful eyes of the great hierarchs that have given them the gift of the grand city of Dremand..... Or so they think.

Help Bot

In the grand city of Dremand, the Help Bot is designed to cater to the needs of the city's many denizens. Found virtually everywhere in the city they cater to every small task of Dremand's citizenship, effectively fulfilling the role of free labour. It is these bots that make everyday tasks for the life of everyday people in the city all the more easier.

Blast Bot

Usually seen as a lethal weapon by the many denizens of Dremand, Blast Bots are usually used as the military bulk of Dremand's armies, conquering any territory that the hierarchs deem worthy for the process of the city's expansion. Blast Bots are usually augmented with superiors or weapon technology, being easily able to decimate their foes and whatever may stand in their path. However one should know that this is not the only purpose that blast bots serve as they also serve as security for various important locations and landmarks that exist inside the cities' borders as well as certain exclusive clubs that cater to the various needs of their clients and patrons.

Neo Bot

A strange oddity within the advanced technological landscape of Dremand the Neo Bot serves a more medical role for Dremand's citizenship. These machines provide a level of service to the medical field of the city that not even the Help Bots could provide. Neo Bots are able to use Dremand's highly advanced technological achievements to heal the wounds and cure the diseases of the cities' organic beings and lifeforms, these functions make them a very popular and convenient choice among the hospitals and clinics of Dremand and are thus employed in every one of its hospitals as a result.

Bio Bot

An important thing to know about Dremand's citizenship is not every one of them enjoys being a fully organic being as some of the citizenship views being fully organic as a weakness or perhaps making them unfit to do the tasks that they want or need to do, some even wishing to renounce their organic bodies for the sake of immortality and influence, perhaps maybe to make themselves more intelligent or acrobatic. Whatever their reasons might be for wanting such a thing the Bio Bot project was created as a result of this want from that portion of the citizenship. The Bio Bots are the denizens of the grand city of Dremand that renounced their mortal flesh in pursuit of a longer life and perhaps greater influence within and/or outside the cities' ever expanding borders. Unlike the other bots of Dremand these intelligent and independently minded machines are incredibly flexible and agile, even more so than the organic lifeforms that dwell within the great city. Technological augmentations also enhance the physicality and mentality of these once organic machines to make them superior to the organic lifeforms that they once were, however many within the great city suspect that this also comes with a price as the technological augmentations also seem to drain a lot of personality traits that made these once organic machines who they were as it seemed to those who encountered them in the streets and those that were close to some of these independently minded machines as friends and family, this deterioration of unique personality traits and the individualism of these individuals also seemed to get worse as more and more technological augmentations are built in and installed into these once organic bio bots as has been heavily reported by many within the great city itself.

Hex Bot

A seldom seen machine within the grand city of Dremand the Hex Bots are the self announced avatars of the hierarchs that rule the entire city of Dremand, ultimately influencing and deciding its fate as a whole. As the avatars of the grand city's hierarchs they posses incredible mystic and magical power, which is considered a grand achievement for machine to be able to do. One wonders how this combination of magical power and technology is even possible as many in the great city are completely clueless as to how such a feat was even accomplished. As a result of this confusion many in the city widely accept the theory that the hierarchs have achieved a level of godhood that has allowed them to find the secret to influencing the matter and quantum functions of the living universe and rightfully so as the daring few that have foolishly challenged a Hex Bot did not live or keep their freedom to continue their defiance as a Hex Bot's powers seem to be beyond the comprehension of the common-folk that dwell within the grand city's borders.

"Don't feel too sad readers, as this is not the end of the story of Dremand in any way shape or form, as even greater expansion to the story is being planned as you continue with your very lives." Adam Theodoridi, creative writer of the Inc Bots

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Top Trump Bot creator and illustrator, Adam Robinson


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