Ballistic Baboons By ella thomas

Baboon troops can be up to 50-100 baboon, and spend most of their time in the tree tops.
There are five species of baboons, Yellow, Chacma, Olive, Guinea, and Hamamdrays. Yellow baboons are the largest species overall.
Their predators are leopards, lions, and humans.
Fully matured males develop huge canines. They use these teeth more as a threat than anything.
Baboons size is some where close to 14-30 at the shoulder, and they live up to 20-30 years.
A fun fact is that baboons have cheek pouches like hamsters.
Baboons weigh up to 50-100 pounds.
Baboons eat fruit,roots,grasses,bark,seeds, and meat.
The usual weight of a baby baboons would be around 2 pounds.
Baboons aren't endangered, and I hope they never will be.


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