MARTY FEED - matthew tilly 8-1d

"Hey there sexy lets make this good" Marty's quote

My favorite song is Blurred Lines - By Robin Thicke because i have a strange attraction to women and they just make me happy and they make Robin Thicke happy too.

Hey stupid folks my name is Marty. I'm good at like anything i try to do because I'm just that amazing i guess. I have a couple tattoos of Nike Speech on me because i love that brand. That tattoo cost a lot of money which I clearly have a lot of. I also bought lots of Nike shoes because there so awesome and i just can't keep my hands off of them. Another thing I like to do is invent games and build things and like stuff. I swear and cuss every time i talk pretty much its a great way to get anger out. I like to think i'm very good looking and funny because i often get 'compliments' from the ladies. I also LOVE VIOLET! She's like the bomb and she completes me along with Link.


I showed up at Titus's party a little later than everyone else because my upcar was late to pick me up. I walked in and it was loud and people were dancing and having fun. I was standing next to Quendy and Caista telling them not to do anything stupid but then i was called over to play spin the bottle. After it came around it was finnally my turn and it landed on Violet. So i had to straighten up and look formal and i walked over to her and began to make moves but she just flinched back. I asked what was wrong and she was completely white and pale. Then she began squirming and screaming at people and she began to choke then i began wondering was it all my fault.

Playing Spin The Bottle

More about Marty: I have interests in women many many women. I also cannot stop talking about the Nike brand because everything they make is so nice and i just cant get away from it. I also like to invent games and such. I love the game spin the bottle and going to the moon. I also like swearing and cussing every time i talk.

Where Marty likes to go.
Marty likes to invent games.

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