Unfair Pay Gap between Genders professional women athletes paid less than professional men athletes

The only difference in WNBA & MNBA is gender.

Yet men are paid more, even though women put in extreme effort to the game, and the same rules apply for both genders.

Men's basketball is more popular because of the unfair advantages given. They bring in more money because the media favors them, and neglects women's basketball.


The MNBA does not show gender equality by paying its players so much more than the average women basketball player.

Men Professional basketball players get paid so much more than women basketball players that it makes women look weak and undesirable.

Gender should not be the reason for such a large pay gap.

The WNBA and MNBA need to make more of an effort to make women and men's basketball pay equal, and not have the WNBA depend so much on the MNBA.

Professional Women and men should be equally paid.

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Amanda Lewis


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