My Top 10 By Adrianne Soriano

1.) Pentatonix ♡

2.) Dance ✌

3.) Band ♥

4.) Singing ♛

I am an alto-soprano :D My range is C#3-A5.

5.) that's dancing studio ★

6.) Mitchell coby Michael grassi ♫

Mitch is the tenor of Pentatonix. His range is an impressive A2-B7!

Mitch was born in Arlington, Texas.

Mitch lives with his best friend Scott Hoying, they have a hairless cat named Wyatt. Fam goals!

"Your body is your business and no one else’s. So treat it well, but decorate it how you want"

Mitch has 26 tattoos at the moment, 2 of them match with Scott Hoying!

7.) Split ∞

8.) Kirstin taylor Maldonado ❁

Kirstie is the soprano of Pentatonix. Her range is an amazing E3-Bb7!

Kirstie was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jeremy Michael Lewis proposed to her in Paris, France on May 30th 2016. He's a singer too!

Kirstie has dyed her hair multiple times. Her natural color is a dark brown!

She has two dogs, one named Olaf and the other Pascal. Both are huskies!

"You are strong. Don't forget that"

9.) Piano ♪

10.) Can't sleep love ♥

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