The Evolving Engineering Company Our Perspective: Implemented & Visualized (In Action)

December 14, 2016 the President signed bill S.1550 -- the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act with a 94% vote majority. A report by the Project Management Institute shows "only 64% of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals and business intent -- and government entities waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on projects and programs..."

At C2 Group, we believe that engineering businesses within our sector can evolve to leverage technology to help monitor budget health and create visibility to help facilitate cost/schedule/risk controls by base-lining, measuring, forecasting, and conveying patterns & trends. Technology is also able to increase efficiencies and minimize future change orders, reducing project costs, or empowering greater scope.

Hands on brainstorming, planning and design sessions to extract ideas & concepts for further refinement
C2 Team Members in Action
Visualize Progress (transparency) The Art of Visual Communication
Processes and Baselines need to be established & visualized with team input and stakeholder approval. Do not be blindsided, assess 'Planning Fallacy Impacts' as part of your risk assessment (see below)
Understand and Mitigate for PMO Challenges, address early in the process and discuss often

"Really well done. You have an impressive set-up and work ethic for such a small company. SDG&E is clearly getting their money's worth from both FE and C2. You guys are the future. It just takes time for the rest of the world to recognize it." Dr. Michael Perry, Vice President - General Atomics

Once processes, communication structures, timelines and metrics are established, it's time to select a set of visualization and communication tools. Too often, existing infrastructure (software and hardware) do not support modern solutions. Taking advantage of machine learning, trend/pattern recognition, intelligent dashboards, cyber-security, and other tools require that a 'Modern Data Architecture' exists or is developed to support the project or program goals.

Our Data Infrastructure Assessment/Design services

Additional Software tools that we utilize, these are examples, we also have Amazon and Google cloud services for a number of functions along with data collection and engineering tools.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI)
Clarizen (PM) Tools
We LOVE Slack
Custom Program Software (developed in-house)

We have discussed the various processes, tools, and custom software approaches. Now, to dig into strategies associated with the customer (community outreach) and to explain complex programs and technologies. We understood this to be essential as technology continues to evolve at a faster pace, we added media development to our team, including professional video's to help communicate the intent of a project. With a strong foundation, the integration of technologically sophisticated projects can be adequately developed and managed; the following are some of our examples:

A sample of videos that we have produced (Electric Vehicle Program Focused) to explain an idea, program or technology. In many of these, we helped develop and staff the event that we also directed and produced. To see some of our EV projects (completed). This is a focus on San Diego projects but we have programs with PG&E and Pacific Power covering California, Oregon, and Washington.

Conveying how our services line up with our clients needs.
Big picture analysis to drill down to program details.
Developed various CPUC program compliance reports
Developed SDG&E's EV Design & Construction Standards
City of San Diego Underground Detection As-Built
Our Drone (UAS) teams in action with a variety of our inspection and transportation equipment!

C2 drone inspection teams in the news.

We had the opportunity to support the City of Santa Rosa's October 2017 Wildfire Recovery initiative. We were provided an opportunity to assess the big picture and recommend solutions. We produced the following video and it also covers a lot of our technical scope of work, this is a link to our GIS Web-Map. C2 assessed existing city infrastructure and property line maps, digitized them, georeferenced the linework and imported to CAD. C2 then created new aerials using drones and referencing ground survey markers, created a GIS web map and individual property parcel maps to help expedite permitting and the overall homeowner funding process.

ICC Building Safety Month Recognition

Creative Solutions, for the Otay tunnel, see 360 video below -

Once systems are in place to intake information, process and track it the next steps are associated with technologies that allow you to do more with less or to see patterns and trends. The following is an overview of the technologies that we use, train on or create.

We believe in the value of what you do with the data, how it is presented, how it is utilized, data acquisition is the easy part.
It all ties together and continues evolving, data capture, feasibility assessments, engineering, 3D presentations, as-builts, with markers to track metrics (cost, schedule, and more).
Once you understand data acquisition best practices, and have standardized the baseline formats, presentation and visualization through different mediums is straight forward.
See App demonstration button (above)

Some of what we have done with mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms plus a bit on data capture and creativity expressed.

A little Creative Fun

On a Fire Risk Assessment Program we Managed and a Video we Produced for the Program. Our modern PMO, manages the program, introduces drone LiDAR and creates the video -

Partnerships that include a symbiotic relationship with partners where agility can leverage a long term reputation.

Don't forget to be savvy and maintain your political accumen

Interviews as part of a video series we produced in conjunction with our City of Santa Rosa re-development support efforts.

Projects completed, our team in action and samples of software we developed.

For inquiries, proposals or to collaborate e-mail us at info@c2group.us or call us (619) 880-9797 and our website: www.c2group.us

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