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A short story of my inner defender. Once upon a time, in a house 13 hours away, I was a first grader having a very bad day. In my class, my teacher had a behavior guide based on monkeys. If you where well behaved, your monkeys were green. Average behavior gave you yellow monkeys. However, if you were an evil villain child, that day you would become the dreaded red monkey. The one day I became the red monkey I was enraged and upset. I blamed my bad behavior on the teacher and the lovely female I had been talking to when I wasn't supposed to be. This is an example of when i referred to my inner defender.

Revise: I have since learned from my 1st grade youth how to be a better monkey and not blame my problems on the people surrounding me. Owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility for them is a big step in becoming a successful individual.

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Ye ol inner critic ay? One thing that comes to mind when I think about my inner critic is playing sports. I have always been very critical of myself when it comes to sports and my athletic abilities. Even though I knew that I could succeed, sometimes I didn't have enough confidence and would psych myself out of big events. Eventually I learned to overcome this and become an Olympic champion...... (slight hyperbole)

my trophy case (almost)

Revision: As I grew up and began playing sports on bigger and bigger levels, I had no choice but to get over my slight anxiety of being in a big event. I had to learn how to build confidence and perform at my best for events like sectionals and finals for lacrosse and football. I had the best game of my life during my last ever game of high school lacrosse and walked off the field with nothing to be ashamed of.

LAX bro


The inner guide is idealizing how I have grown as a person. In high school, I wrestled for 5 years and went on to achieve over 100 wins and become the two-time MVP of the team. Learning self discipline is a huge part of the sport. Taking responsibility for your losses trains you to be a better person. For me, this responsibility has sprung from my athletic endeavors throughout life.


I have experienced many different influences throughout my life. Growing up, most young undisciplined children are humans default to the inner critic and inner defender. I would say the inner defender has a stronger pull on this default setting of the human. No one wants to accept their failures. It's not fun or good knowing you suck. Part of maturing is taking those losses and learning from them, not just falling down. If an athlete quit every time they made a mistake in a sporting event, there would be no game and no success. A strong individual must trust the process and not be deterred by a couple of bad plays or events. One must learn to weather the storm and not get down because of a single instance of failure. This lesson can be seen in many other aspects of life. For example, Clemson's own football team. After losing the national championship last year, we came back stronger this year and beat and undefeated team. To not recognize the seemingly nature inner critic and defender, you must learn and make changes to the way you think and prosper as a human. Being successful is key to like clearly, unless you don’t want to be successful because that strange. However, its about creating the good inner guid that can guide you through tough times and good time. Even when life is going well it’s important to never be satisfied. You have never truly reached you potential is you’re not working fully for it. Being satisfied will just catapult you back do0wn a dark path of stagnate life. No one’s wants to be that way. This is how I have grown from an elementary school boy to the man I am now. I am in the class because of me and no one else. Self-responsibility is vital for success throughout life.



time magament

this skill is clearly still und4r development.... to be continued


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