Tech Museum Field Trip By : Ashish J.

Our trip to the Tech Museum was quite exciting, as we were allowed to take iPad minis along to take pictures. All the pictures here were taken by an Apple product. Hope you enjoy! (We all used iPads, and a few were taken by iPhone)

This rover which you can see in the background here is a rover which is modeled after a rover which is on Mars, and was attempted. This is just a model, but the real thing lies somewhere else.

At the tech museum, they had a section where they had something like "Syncopated Art". What happened was that you had an iPad and you could "color" objects, such as a polar bear, spheres such as this. In all, this was one of the most fun part of the museum itself. This isn't the art, but this is all the seasons of the earth shown in one time.

These were all things that you can find in the museum. One of my favorite is the ball, which is what people use to stay safe during a tsunami.

Here is some more about the tsunami ball, and it is actually a company which sells them for specific emergencies.

We had a teacher named Gen who taught us about roller coasters, and helped us build our own out of "TinkerToys".
This up here was a kind of experiment with lighting and optical tricks.
Okay, remember the thing similar to "Syncopated Art"?, well the first photo of black and white was one of them.
These are all examples of experiences that we had at the end of the day when we went to our labs

At the very end of our day, we split up in two groups and we went to do two different labs. Some went to earthquake, and some went to roller coaster. I went to roller coaster.

Up here is a link to a website which explains the physics and science about roller coasters. This is what we did in the lab, so that we could really relate to this website, and we were able to understand it easily.

Here is a video of something like what we created in our class, as we used the same materials and everything was the same except the setting.

This is just to accredit many people in the Penguins team for contributing photos which are included here. Thank you!

Hope you liked this!!

Created By
Ashish J
Photos on this page were taken by: Allison L. Bryan M. Daniel(Danny) M. Kaysia N. Ashish J. Ashley St. P. Nicole D. Thanks to all on the Penguins team for contribution!

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