Saint Anne By: Haylee Labranche

I decided to choose Saint Anne because she was my Confirmation saint.

St. Anne's feastday is on July 26th. The church remembers her on July 26, September 9- the day after Mary's birthday, and December 9- after the immaculate conception of Mary celebration.

Saint Anne was born in the first century but historians are unsure exactly when she passed away.

St. Anne is the grandmother of the blessed Virgin Mary. St. Anne and her husband, St. Joaquin, showed Mary a good example of how to live a holy life. They were good, faithful parents who showed Mary love and devotion to God.
St. Anne and St. Joachim share the same feast day. Anne was born in Bethlehem and Joachim was from Nazareth. They had no children for the first twenty years of their marriage. Joachim went to the desert to plead to God to bless Anne and him with a child.
Some of Saint Anne's symbols are: Golden Gate of Jerusalem, crown, and nest of young birds. Saint Anne is the Patron saint of miners, young women, and pregnant women.

Prayer to Saint Anne: Dear Saint Anne, thank you so very much for showing your example to the Virgin Mary. You were a great grandmother to Jesus a devote women of faith. Please bless all the parents who said yes to life and please protest our families. Amen.


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