MoCA Westport presents new exhibition 'Between the Ground and the Sky' by hannah ratcliffe '22

MoCA Westport's current exhibition focuses on celebrating local farms and farmers related to the Westport Farmers' Market. Photographs, sculptures and plants were all featured to commemorate the importance of local farming.

Donna Forma experiments with limited materials in her sculpture 'Glue & Wood.' Forma has won multiple different awards for her work including the Lantz Award for Contemporary Sculpture in the Traditional Mode and The Connecticut Commission on the Arts Fellowship. Her work can be seen at her studio and gallery in Southport, Connecticut.
'Celebration' is another unique piece by Forma which is made from bent wood and bamboo. Her work often strives to connect the beauty of human forms and rhythms with the natural world.
Farmer Laura Mulligan harvests crops in 'Bundling Carrots for Market' (left) at The Hickories in Ridgefield, Connecticut. In 'Learning to Ride a Bike in the Milk Barn,' Hunter, the three year old son of Sarah and Jeff Casel, is seen riding his bike through the alley of the barn as the evening milking session begins.
Kristyna and Marek Milde use exotic plants, botanical signs, ornamental carpet and soil to create 'Carpetorium, Lost and Found Gardens of Manhattan.' This piece aims to explore the fiction and reality of our everyday relationship with nature.
Wood, assorted thread, horse hair and bark paper are all used in Forna's 'Moving On,' which is her largest sculpture featured in the new exhibit. To the left hangs 'Chicken Factory,' by The Hickories in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and to the right is 'A Father and Daughter,' from Woodland Farm in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.
Forna strives to represent life through thousands of woven, melding and overlapping layers. She also believes that these layers upon layers emerge into shapes of strength and beauty. 'Freeing the Mud' was built from thread, dog fur and hand made paper and sticks.

This exhibition is open to the public up until Oct. 17, 2021 at MoCA Westport and admission is free!

All photos by Hannah Ratcliffe '22