Southern Colonies Whitney C.

Southern Colonies: Its hot its sunny but don't think its funny watch out you may catch a disease.

Maryland, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, Georgia

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Reason for Founding

The English were looking for religious freedom. They were also looking for more land and to make more money. The reason they founded Georgia is so they could block the Spanish.


In the southern colonies they grew tobacco, indigo, cotton, and rice. They had very good soil so it was easier to grow crops. The weather was hot and rainy.


There were lots of industries in the southern colonies such as selling land and crops. The crops they would sell were indigo, tobacco, rice, and cotton.


There was a higher risk of getting a disease because of the warmer weather. The mosquito's would carry diseases such as malaria. Wells for drinking water were often contaminated by animals and other things.

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