Getting Cottage ReservatIons Has Never Been So Easy! Client Case Study: Lord's Seaside Cottages, Prince Edward Island

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Check out our client case study below with Lord's Seaside Cottages in Prince Edward Island and see how we transformed her MARKETING PROCESS to GeT HER MORE BOOKINGS!

Facebook Ad overview and Results for campaign #1

In March 2019, we setup a Facebook advertising campaign for Lord's Seaside Cottages and targeted all people in Canada with specific interests. We ran the ad for 10 days and had all responses delivered directly to the owner's (Elayne Lord) cell phone for easy reply. We also issued an email newsletter to her mailing list which also resulted in a couple bookings.

we got results in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: setup some ads using photos of the property provided by the client.

We have been in the Marketing and Advertising business for over 15 years now. Therefore, we are very easily able to setup advertisements including effective copy and selection of proper images (and any necessary Photoshop edits). Before we write any ad copy for you, we will go through a BrandScript process (see www.storybrand.com for more information on our content development style) to ensure the content engages the reader, resulting in more inquries for you. You will need to supply us with images of your cottage property, and this can be done via email or Dropbox.

These are actual screen shots of her Facebook ads that were setup.

step 2: reply to inquiries.

Within 6 minutes, Elayne had her first inquiry! And the messages kept rolling in all day long.

We setup the ads so inquiries were delivered to Elayne's cell phone so she could reply promptly.

Step 3: Start taking bookings and deposits for the summer!

The Results?

She received a total of 82 cottage rental inquiries. The ad + the email newsletter we sent resulted in 5 bookings (around $6000 total sales).

The images above are screen shots of the data Facebook collected for the first advertising campaign we ran.


In April 2019, we setup Elayne's second Facebook advertisement. Our objective was to get some bookings for the month of June, since she was almost booked up for July and August. The promo worked like a charm!

step #1: setup the facebook ads with a mention of a june promotion.

I created the advertising wording in a specific format to get attention...and it worked!

step #2: elayne replied to message inquiries

As you can see below, it didn't take long for the messages to start being delivered to her cell phone!

As you can see, the booking inquiries are delivered to her cell phone in the Facebook Messenger app for easy reply.

Step 3: Schedule your bookings in the calendar and take deposits!

the Results?

ELAYNE RECEIVED 100 inquiries after a week, and had 3 BOOKINGS ON THE VERY FIRST DAY WE RAN THE ADS!

Pretty impressive huh?

So, what about all those people who were interested but never confirmed their reservation?

Throughout the course of your campaign, you'll notice a lot of people will be very interested, but they fail to firm up their reservation. Usually they have to finalize their travel plans or talk to someone in their family about things. Before long, a few days/weeks has passed and you never hear back from these people. Don't take it personally. Truthfully, they more than likely forgot to contact you because life if very busy for most people. So, how do we get their attention again? With the use of a retargeting ad! We did this with Elayne and the results were wonderful.

The retargeting ad alone resulted in 4 new bookings - for a weekly total of 7 bookings!

As you can see, retargeting messages with Facebook are extremely effective! They serve as a reminder to all those who expressed interest in renting a cottage from you. By sending a follow-up message, you're simply giving them the nudge they need to get back on track when it comes to firming up their reservation.

Debbie Hill, Owner, Debbie Hill Design | borden-carleton, prince edward island | debbie@debbiehilldesign.com

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