A Life in Art 2017

The reason why we should care about our environment is because it is starting to effect us humans and our animals, this issue will gradually effect our future generations. Who will be effected? well everybody! because if there are plastics in our waters then tourism and employment for promoting our country will be a problem. But not only plastic but pollution and horrible gasses that factories produce will effect the earth itself. The activists hope to achieve a message or a thought that will be read to persuade people from all ages to agree and go onto their side. Art is a powerful concept because art itself can form a thousand meanings and that it can be read by anyone even if your from another country or culture, and by this people will start understanding that this issue is getting more of a problem before me know it!
The French Knitting! With plastic bags! (strips which have been cut to be used again)
Work in process for making a pod like shape with chicken wire and adding plastic bag strips onto it. after doing a colourful area around the opening i shall slowly start to use darker shades to make it dead like and bleak and use some old receipts onto the surface fading with the plastic.

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