Veterinary Hospitals: Are we the right fit? Vet-1-1

Clinics must have a hiring need for a:


Certified/Licensed/Registered Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Assistant

Here are some common reasons hospitals work with us:

  • Maternity Leave
  • Staff Turnover
  • Clinic/Hospital Growth
  • Leave of Absence
  • Extended Vacation
  • Staff Burn Out / Compassion Fatigue

Vet-1-1 will not be the right choice When...

There are certain scenarios where you might be best served staying where you are. Here are some situations where we won't be able to provide 5-star service:

  • Last Minute Notice (same day or next day requests are unlikely to be filled)
  • You are only looking for full-time, permanent help
  • You aren't willing to spend some time training our relief worker to orient them around your facility

Vet-1-1 may be a good fit for your practice if...

Scenarios Where we may be the right fit for your practice:

  • A staffing shortage is creating stress on you and/or your employees
  • Staff is working extra hours and you're paying overtime
  • Your management team is taking on duties outside of their normal role more often
  • You are missing out on one or more appointments per day due to staffing
  • Employees don't feel comfortable taking time off
  • You notice there is lost business
  • You have an increase in tardiness/absences
  • Careless mistakes are becoming more frequent
  • You are dealing with increased employee turnover
  • Employee morale is low
  • We understand that time is money, so we find help for your hospital as quickly as possible
  • Increasing the technician to doctor ratio has been shown to return 9x their salary
  • We're licensed and insured
  • You can choose from doctors, certified/licensed veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants

Our Process: from initial contact to follow-up

Step 1

  • Complete the registration form at Vet-1-1.com

Step 2

  • Phone conversation with one of our account managers.
  • Both parties determine working together is appropriate
  • If the right decision is to move forward, out website development team will create a website profile for you.

Step 3

You can access our online community to find relief veterianarians and technicians. You can post jobs on the community or view availability of vets/techs on the calendar.

Meanwhile, your account manager will search for you and will contact you when they have someone to fill your shift(s). They will send you a link to the profile of the relief person that includes CV/resume, skills assessment and date(s) they are available.

Step 4

Once someone requests the shift you posted, you will be able to review that veterinarian/technician resume, skills assessment. Next, you can schedule a conversation with that individual (recommended for veterinarians) or accept/reject the shift request.

Step 5

The shift is worked! Great, feel free to setup more shifts with that individual if you like them.

Step 6

Post more shifts or re-schedule with the Veterinarian or technicians you already worked with. We will check-in periodically, but don't hesitate to reach out next time you need relief help.

How Does Payment Work?

The rate for each technician or doctor varies. Each individual's rate is listed on their individual 'Booking Page'. If you post an open shift on our website, we will email you when a tech or doctor signs up for the shift - and we will include their bill rate.

Currently, we will send you an invoice via email after the shift is worked (or weekly if you utilize our services more than once per week. Starting this summer, we will require payment at the time of booking a shift, unless you utilize our 'Payment Authorization Form' (link below). When you use this form, we will invoice you weekly, after the shift has been worked.

Once a shift is requested, you have 72 hours to accept or reject the shift without being charged for the shift. If the shift is booked within 72 hours of the start time, you can reject the shift as long as we have 24 hours notice.

Transparent pricing - only pay for the hours worked (unless you cancel a shift). We pride ourselves on having smaller mark-ups (20%) than our competitors (At least 65% in the Denver area). There are no other fees ... Unless you like our veterinarians and technicians so much you want to hire them. In that scenario, there is a placement cost (that's lower than the industry average!)

Does your hospital have a parent company/corporate office? Don't worry! Contact us to learn about your company's negotiated payment schedule.

(720) 687-3214

(720) 687-3214