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welcome to the motherboard of opportunities.

You're here because we like you.

Like any motherboard, we host a circuit of connections and provide a way of communication between many of the crucial components that make up the tech industry.

This is your invitation (don't lose it!) to join our exclusive network of Techxperts. Somewhere you can keep up with industry secrets, get tips from like-minded tech wizards and maybe even show off a little by featuring on a techxpert interview (instant fame not guaranteed).

our bit.

We find impressive individuals who aspire to be in the top 1% of their field, or desire to be part of the most successful teams driving some of the best global companies.

What we want is a relationship (long distance ones work fine for us too, in case you were wondering)

The chances are, we'll get along, maybe even find some things in common- we're techy too you know! The more capable we know you are the less time you'll spend proving it to other people.

your bit.

Chances are, at your level of techxpertise (see what we did there) you're probably fairly busy. Whether you're working for yourself or somebody else, or actively looking for the next step in your career, you weren't waiting for our invitation. no offence taken.

Maybe you're pretty comfortable in your current role, but you want to find out just how competitive your salary really is...or maybe you're not looking at all and now you're starting to think this invitation was meant for some other nerd.

But the thing is - for you, we're happy to wait.

cracking the code.

We all know that finding the next right job is not, well - the easiest job! But it is our job, and we're actually pretty good at it.

So I guess what we're saying is, we have in fact cracked the code, which is good news for you and all the other Techxperts here, and in this day and age we believe good news should be shared!

We will only present to you opportunities that are professionally tailored to you and your goals - not the clients. Which means you might just have enough time to make some industry friends behind the scenes, whilst we do our thing!

what happens next?

We're handing you over to one of our Tech Recruitment Specialists (they're actually just normal people) who will be your career guide and point of contact.

You'll hear from them as little or as much as you prefer, so don't be shy to tell them if you need special attention!

You're part of our Techxperts community now, so expect to hear from us in the not so distant future, boasting exclusive byte size materials & opportunities, programmed to accelerate your career.