Deadly Sins untamed By Daesha Henfield

Chapter 1: Lust & Envy

“I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are.” ― Jess C. Scott, The Devilin Fey

I love the way his eyes lit up when the light touched them. He is so handsome, my type of guy I would go after. Well. . . Will go after. Tyrese, caramel skin, brown eyes and so down to earth. We’ve been friends forever but he's dating my bestfriend, Monnie. I know how I feel is wrong but damn it feels right especially when I fantasize about us just. . . “Mira, stop it!” I keep telling myself when I went to far in my mind. Uhh it would be easier if he was already mine, he already flirts with me. The lust we have for each other is to high, I have to kiss him and see if it’s real. There’s been moments we almost but because his loyalty, he ended it every time. Monnie is so lucky to have someone like that. To be loyal when she’s not around, unlike me. What is it about him, that I’m additive to? I just want him one time, only one time. To feel what she’s feels for once. I desire his body, and I intend on getting it.

Chapter 2: Gluttony

"Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign that something is eating us." - Peter De Vries

I was a sane person once before, when everything made sense in my life. I got to hear that beautiful laugh every time the baby kicked. I smiled at her, telling her "Our family is almost complete." She would kiss me softly and smile. Everything seemed almost perfect, but I remember the day it took a wrong turn. . . It was the day my wife and I was waiting for, she called me while I was working. "Micheal! The day is here, we get to see our baby girl! I'm driving to the hospital now." I drove as quick as I could to the hospital. Stopping at the shop to get a teddy bear for his baby. I finally got into the delivery area, asking the lady where my wife was. The lady looked at me with sadness slowly appearing In her face, like she knew something was wrong. I followed her eyes as a doctor walked up to me, every step made my nerves increase as my instincts knew something was wrong. The man shook my hand, anger started to run in my veins as I couldn't get an answer fast enough. I kept asking where my wife was, the man wanted me to sit down but I kept declining his request. I wanted to know now. He finally told me, she was in a car accident. Once she got here it was too late to do anything, as he explained the rest of the situation tears started to run down my eyes. I felt like everything I loved and worked to bring to my wife and I was gone. I never even got to see my daughter's face. . It's been five months now and I still think I'm dreaming. Thinking I'll wake up to see my daughter crawling and her mother kissing me, happy to see we finally got a family. I drown all my sorrows, the pain, the hopes and dreams in liquor. I have to get like this to numb my pain that has yet to stop hurting. Every night I ache of pain, I can't eat as much as I used too. When I do try to eat it doesn't feel right and I'll vomit. At this point, I get drunk every night and consume pills. I start to feel myself fade away, sometimes feeling like I'm escaping the life I had before the pills. Maybe If I do this, I'll make it to my wife and child. I was prepared to do it this night, my body was already getting weaker. It's not like I have anything else to lose but my mind let alone myself. It's nothing left here for me. . . I finally get home from a long walk, coughing, breathing hard. I finally grabbed a big bottle of whiskey and pills, and drink. Every chug I took I felt an inch of myself leave my body. Death finally wanted to take me and I'm happy to drink myself to death. I smile every time I see death, and this time death never left.

Chapter 3: Greed

"As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering."

I love doing what I do. Walking on stage and being the only one on the spotlight, blue and white lights on me. I could feel the heat rising off my skin, dancing been my way of life for the longest and is the fastest way to get money. Of course in the occupation I have to keep myself protected especially when my money is threaten. One time someone tried to take my money while I was walking out the club "Phynix", where I worked. Good thing I always had my gun with me, I would kill for something I want and all I want is money. Money has been my prize possession for as long as I can remember. . . I’ve been on these streets since I was sixteen but have been stripping since I was eighteen. I’m twenty-one now and money is the only thing keeping me alive and well. Every night, I find a new piece of meat to devour and take all the money they have. My pray never leaves with any money, not even a cent. I’m very good at finessing, every man I come across never denied my company. I’ve always dreamed of retiring from the game and leaving my days at the club. But I haven't found the right man with the right amount of money to satisfy my needs. Until tonight. I was dancing on stage as usual as men eyes tend to stare at me. they stared so long it felt like their eyes were tattooed on me. But my focus tonight was on the legendary Adrian “Triple A” Baldone. He was a record producer, and was worth billions of dollars. I was gonna take everything he had tonight. I went over to him after my dance, I walked like I was on the runway; he had a thing for models. He looked me with a smirk in his face. . . I sat on his lap, gave him a little talk; giving him false tales and agenda for him and I. Finessing was easy to me, I was already a pro. Like taking candy from a baby, but for him it needed a little push. As I said, dancing was my way of life. Dancing for him was life or death, money wise of course. Once I was done, He gave me ten-thousands dollars but this wasn't enough, needed more. So I told him if I could come to his home, I’ll make it worth his time. He accepted. We drove to his home after midnight, I can sense his eyes on me. He was infused with lust as my sin was different. Money was the only goal here and that’s all I want for the night. When we got inside his house, we started to kiss, I felt over his body. But I wanted him to get ready for our night, he went upstairs and got into the shower. Stupid men, he never noticed I took his keys and wallet. When looking in his wallet, I found a piece of paper with a code on it. He had a safe and I was gonna find it. I looked all over his house for his safe, until I found it in his office. I almost put the code in until, he sneaked up behind me. He gave me a drink, I accepted it and took a sip. Once leaving the room, I felt a little dizzy, something was wrong. He poisoned my drink, I should've known that he knew who I was. Tears started to run down my eyes as I knew what was next. . .

Chapter 4: Sloth

"How can I ease the pain in my heart"

Walk in my marble colored hall way, feeling the cold of the floor touch my feet. I walk and think of all the lies that dance around the house. "Tamara, I will never leave you remember that." I did remember that, and it pains me every time I think about it. Because he left. I've told myself this was the last time I'll ever let someone in and this was. Weeks after the break up, I started to close myself in. I won't go to work, won't answer the phone for friends, I can't take hearing them. But if it isn't them, it myself telling me to take myself out this misery. I laid in bed wondering what I could've done to make him stay, why couldn't he be strong? Why I couldn't see the signs? Why I even let him in? Now, I'm in pain that I know won't leave. I gave my heart and soul to someone who no longer looked at me as special. . . I'm done feeling this way, I don't see a way out except one. I walked in the hallway towards the bathroom. Seeing all the rooms I used to love, tears run down my cheeks as I know what comes next. I open the door to see warm water in tub, and a knife on the counter. I look in the mirror cabinet and grabbed some pills, I threw them in my mouth and chugged water. I laid in the tub relaxed and feeling a little faded. I held the knife to my arm, and put the knife against my wrist, then my other wrist. I laid the knife gently in the floor, and drunk some liquor til I was gone. I felt my eyes closing and I started to slide down into the water. But, before my eyes could get into the water, my phone range. It was a particular ringtone that only one person had, him. The problem is.. It was too late.

Chapter 5: Wrath

"While seeking revenge, dig two graves- one for yourself." - Douglas Horton

Wow, I never thought I would be here. At a court hearing, me actually being the defendant. I guess I should've seen this coming, I always had a temper especially when it came to my sister, Nicole. She's all the family I have, even when our mother was alive, I was her mother. I've became the adult of the house once my mom past away. It was hard on us especially my sister. Now it’s just my sister and I, and I cant leave her now. I’m here because I was protecting her and I will do it again. While I walk inside the Court room, I look back at all that happened. Just last week, Nicole and I was talking all night about how wild a party was and how we can’t wait to leave the city. Now, this week something was so different about her. The day all hell broke loose in our world. She walked into the house while I was cooking some food; she didn't even say hello and she always did, at least hug me. After I was done with cooking, I creeped up to her room hoping she’ll be talking to her friends about what’s wrong. But all I heard was the shower running, I wanted to give her privacy but something didn't feel right. I have to see whats wrong, I opened the door to her bathroom. Nic was curled up, naked on the shower floor crying. When I examined her, Ive seen bruises on her back and arms; marks on her thighs. Right then and there, I knew what exactly happened. The devil was talking to me and I was listening to everything he said, I wanted the boy to die tonight. Nicole looked up at me with tears rolling down her cheeks, she saw my face; the anger I had was noticeable. “Natalie, NO! Please don’t.”, she said. I told her to hurry up and put some clothes on, we were going to that boy’s house. While leaving the house, Nicole kept tugging on me to not go to his house. She knew how crazy and hot headed I was, and she knew it wouldn't end well for me. I didn't care.

“Get in the damn car! NOW!” I told her. She walked to the car and opened the door. She started t breathe heavy.

“Oh my god!” she said while her voice cracked. She finally got into the car and I drove fast to the boy’s house, only 25 minutes away. Nicole kept praying while we drove, but I couldn't think of what Jesus would do at this point, I wanted to see blood. Once we got there, Nic started to cry knowing what I was grabbing for in the glove department. “NOOO!” Nic started to whine as I opened the door. “Stay here! You here me! don't get out the car, I’ll be back.” I told her. Not knowing if thats the truth, I had to do what I had to do for her. I will never let a man or anyone harm her. I banged on the door with the gun in my hand tight. When the door opened it was him, I kicked in the gut quick before he could react. Before he can grab me, the gun was already pointed to his head. He breathes heavy, in fear I'm guessing, I wanted him to suffer how he made my sister suffer in bed with him. “So you think you could take her away with any issues you bastard.” I said as I looked down him. He pleaded with me, to not kill him. So pathetic, how dare he? I thought about it at the heat of the moment, if I kill him, I will definitely go to jail and she’ll be by herself. I can’t do that to her. As I was in my thought, my sister was behind me. A few feet away, she pleaded as well. I turned to her, but when I did the boy got up and tried to take the gun. We fought over with it, both our hands on the gun. All of a sudden, the triggered was pulled. We froze, blood started to drip from Nic’s shirt. She fell from the impact. “NOOO!” I screamed, I ran to her with the gun in my hand. Before I could even think, I shout him. He wasn't getting away with this, my sister wont die in vain. I put my hand on the wound, to our pressure and keep blood flowing. All of a sudden, police came and took her to the hospital but arrested me. I screamed and fought back as I wanted to be with my sister, I pleaded and begged if I could go with her. I needed to see if she was alive and well. But now it’s been four days now, she's alive but I won’t be with her. I was guilty and the judge sentenced me for twelve years, it pains me knowing I won’t be able to see my sister. But I don't regret what I did, he deserved it and she's safe.

Chapter 6: Pride

"With too much pride a man cannot learn a thing. In and of itself, learning teaches you how foolish you are." -Criss Jami

I love my life, I’m the most popular girl and school and I would let everyone know that if they asked. I was the ultimate lady, best hair, best makeup and best clothes; I had it all. Everyone loved me, especially my “best friend”, Nikki. I wouldn’t call her a best friend as much, maybe a follower. She does everything for me. My nails, My hair, even be my driver, she's one of those. It was finally prom night and I knew I would win, why wouldn't I? When I walked up on stage I saw Nikki as one of the nominees, I was angry. She knew this was my time to shine yet she ran against me. I walked up to her and yelled, yea I said some rude things. Criticizing her dress, calling her a pig and that she should lose weight, an that the reason she wad nominee was because we were so called friends. She looked at me with dejection on her face, tears ran out her eyes and she ran off stage. I looked and smiled, I grabbed my crown and went about my day. When I went to my ruby colored corvette and drove away, I was on high speed; living life. But for some reason when I tried to slow down, it wouldn't stop. I started to panic and I was almost to a pole. I tried to open the door so I could jump but it wouldn’t open, I just screamed and hoped I would live. . Next thing I knew, I was in the hospital and my face was horrid. The only thing there was roses from Nikki...



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