1920's Heroes By:Hunter Long

1920's Sports Heroes

1.Babe Ruth- was a very important person in the 1920's he was a star baseball player. He was a slugger at the plate, and a very great pitcher. 1) Ruth hit 85 home runs just in Polo Ground's. 2) Ruth hit 10 inside the park home runs throughout his career. 3) In 1999 Babe Ruth was selected to america's all century team.

2.Jack Dempsey- was a professional boxer in the mid 1920's. He challenged people to fight him even if he thought they had a advantage on him. 1) He called himself kid blackie. 2) Inducted into boxing hall of fame in 1990. 3) He held the heavyweight boxing title for 7 years.

Hero in flight

1. Charles Lindbergh- An american pilot, first person to fly across the Atlantic ocean. 1) His nickname was Lone Eagle. 2) Flew 3,600 miles in under 34 hours. 3) Won $25,000 by flying across the Atlantic by lonesome.

1920's Jazz hero

Eddie Lang- He was the greatest guitarist of the 1920's. 1)He learned to play the violin at age 7. 2) He is called the father of jazz guitar. 3) He has a total of 5 albums.

1920's Modern Day Hero

Kyrie Irving- All star point guard that plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 1)He was the 2012 rookie of the year. 2) At a young age Kyrie Irving was a great skateboarder. 3) His great crossover was formed with a drill called plastic bag dribbling.






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