The Beast Within Kaeliann Fraser


Serena Valentino

  • Wrote a trilogy of Disney stories
  • Writes from the 'antagonist' prospective
  • Published her first in the series in 2009, followed by this one in 2014


  • France
  • Once upon a time
  • The Village / Beast's Castle / Witches' Cottage


  • a curious girl, described as very beautiful
  • trapped in the Beast's castle in her father's stead
  • doesn't want to be Gaston's wife
  • loves to read, doesn't fit in ti her town


  • seen as a monster
  • lives in an enchanted castle
  • has anger issues due to curse
  • has until his 21st birthday to break the curse


  • a witch who fell in love with the prince
  • he didn't love her back so she cursed him to be the beast
  • wanted him to fall in love and be happy
  • had three sisters who wanted the beast to suffer for what he did to her
The Story


Following the general story of Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', Serena Valentino wrote her spin from the Beast's perspective. It tells of the events leading up to the curse, and everything that happens after until he earns Belle's love and breaks the curse. In her previous book, as well as the following story, Valentino tells of the Odd Sisters, who are Circe's sisters and witches without morals. Throughout the story, they try various ways of killing off the beast or preventing him from ever breaking the curse to avenge their little sister, Circe. They have to distract Circe for most of their schemes because she does not approve and doesn't wish any ill will on the beast. She just wants him to learn how to love, and in the end succeeds.

Writing Style

I like that the story was written from the beast's perspective so you have a better look at what he was going through throughout the story

I wish she had written more about Gaston in the story; he was only a small part.

Story Line

I love the story and everything about it. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.

There isn't really anything I don't like about it.

Literary Elements

Though the theme of the original Beauty and the Beast was along the lines of 'Love conquers all', I think what she was going for by writing from the Beast's point of view was that, though similar, stories are always slightly different when told from a different angle.


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