Tectonic Plate Boundaries Dayton Moody

This is a Divergent plate boundary. In this situation the plates move away from each other causing tension. Which then from mid-ocean ridges or continental rift valleys.

This is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Iceland

East Pacific Rise in the Pacific Ocean

East African Rift Valley in East Africa

A convergent boundary is when the plates push up against each other causing compression that then forms mountains and volcanoes.

Himalayas that are above India and in southern China

Andes Mountains in South America

Aleutian islands by Alaska

Earthquake in Italy M=6.2

A Transform boundary is where the tectonic plates rub against each other causing shear force which then forms transform faults and fault zones.

San Andreas Fault in California

Another picture of San Andreas

In Cuba, recently, there was a M=5.9 earth quake

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