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Fire Education is an organization to help kids or adults with disabilities get ready for the world, to help them develop there motor skills. The teachers will help the children at there own pace so they don't feel rushed or implied to be going as fast as a average child would. most of the younger kids will be learning to add and subtract. The older you get the more you learn about being in the real world. We have therapeutic activities at Fire Education to help with Physical challenges for children and adults so they can learn to walk again, for them to speak again, and to do basic chores around a house and anything they may need help with.

Some of our Teachers are also disabled so they can understand what is going on in the kids/adults life

Our teachers help kids who struggle with academics also!! our teachers will be patient so your kid isn't rushed.

We also provide an arts and crafts program for kids who want to do art and be creative. Some kids have trouble with their creative side of their brain, this can help with that.

We provide all the resources to help educate and help the children prepare for the real world.

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