NO ZOOS! By Andrew N

In my opinion we should not have zoos.You can get hurt, for example a lion can get out, or someone could jump in a shark tank. Animals need their freedom they don’t get a lot of freedom at zoos. Animals can become home sick because they’re not in their environment/habitat. Zoos should get bigger habitats for animals who like to play or are big.

It’s not fair to leave animals in a small habitat when they can be running around on land in the open. I get some animals are getting extinct but they should at least give them a bigger habitat. Animals are getting very home sick. They will just lay down and not move or just sleep if their home sick.

Gorillas could escape and eat people, it’s a possibility. Monkeys could rip your hair out and go crazy. Zoos take care of animals well but some tourists throw trash or taunt the animals. If say someone fell in a habitat the animal will attack. What if someone tried to hurt the anmo the animal will fight back and both of them will get hurt.

Some tourists treat the animals with disrespect, by throwing trash, taunting, and bad talking. Other tourists treat the animals with good respect and give them food or water. Zookeepers should make a rule that if you treat the animals badly then you get kicked out. Tourist should really start treating the animals good. Zoo keepers all around the world get fired for treating the animals badly. They throw trash, and sabotage the food and water. Not all Zookeepers treat the animals badly but some do. Zookeepers should be more respectful and have more manners.

Some tourists treat the animals badly. Some zookeepers treat the animals with no respect. Animals need bigger habitats and more freedom. Animals can escape and eat you, rip out your eyes, and be dangerous. This is why there should be no ZOOS!!!


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