Milk prices from 1995-2017

My graph without the lines of best fit

First I had to look up a topic, I had so many ideas but most of the time I couldn't find enough data. I ended up choosing milk prices, and as you can see the price has been going up and down since 1995.

My graph with the lines of best fit
These are my calculations for the lines of best fit

After we had plotted our points and split them into 3 groups, we had to find a line of best fit for each group. The formula was y=mx+b. After you did it for each group you had to find it for the entire graph, since mine was a straight line I used the same fomula

My predictions

The final step for the project was to predict the price of milk in 2067 and 2112. You had to take your equation for the line of best fit (the one for the entire graph) and replace x with the year.

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