Achieving Environmental Sustainability in Australasia Priorities identified through Global Horizon Scanning

SETAC is a global network of professionals committed to protecting and improving Environmental Quality through Science®. The SETAC World Council initiated the Global Horizon Scanning Project (GHSP) to prioritise the key knowledge required to advance geographically specific environmental quality.

Central to SETAC is a tripartite philosophy of industry, government and academia working together to achieve these goals.

SETAC is unique in that all significant activities of the society must include representation from at least the Government, Academic and Business Sectors. That provides strength and balance to our efforts to promote Environmental Quality Through Science® around the world in a truly balanced way.

The Australasian Chapter of SETAC has published the outcomes of this project in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. This is a summary of the outcomes, which had four interrelated themes.

Four themes

20 Environmental Quality Research Priorities

The transparent, tripartite process that we used to identify these research priorities is highly credible and has resulted in priorities that overlap and align with core Australian research priorities:

  • Science and Research Priorities (Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science, 2015) - priorities 2 Soil and Water, 6.2 Resources, 8.1 and 8.3 Environmental Change
  • National Environmental Science Programme (NESP, Dept. of the Environment and Energy, 2017) - Priority 8 in the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes hub, Priority 2 in the Marine Biodiversity Hub, Priority A5, B1, C5 in the Northern Australia Environmental Resources hub, Priority 1.4, 2.3 in the Tropical Water Quality Hub.

Protecting and improving environmental quality through science

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