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The Art of Bruce Cheever

Moulton Barn, Jackson Hole Valley By Bruce Cheever

Cheever states, "Art is a visual language and, as an artist, my hope is that my work is not just paint on a board, but rather a combination of inspiration, emotion, and skill to inspire the human soul. As primarily a landscape painter, I strive to evoke emotion in the spirit of those who view my work and to give them a sense of place within the landscape. My hope is that I can touch the chords of nostalgia and beauty that lie within each of us, and further hope to inspire others to pay attention to the simple beauties of life.”

Giving Way to Spring Scipio by Bruce Cheever

Today, Cheever’s studio paintings take shape from the inspiration he gathers from his travels. Whether painting a rural scene in the American West or a pastoral European landscape, his art is emerging with a style of its own. The artist adds, "My objective is to inspire others through art and to participate in reminding mankind that the world can be good if we consciously take the time to appreciate what is around us. I am inspired by the ordinary and moved by the extraordinary and feel that both are equal in beauty, if careful attention is given to both. I thank God for His gifts to me and the ability to share them with others. I simply believe that we are all given glimpses of divinity to sooth our souls, and that each of us is given gifts to share with one another.”

The Art of Cassandra Gillens

Hotline by Cassandra Gillens

Cassandra Gillens resides in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area she cherishes. Being closely connected with the people and culture of this beautiful and historic land, the artist’s paintings depict some of her fondest memories as a child and good old Southern living.

Ladies Night by Cassandra Gillens

Gillens is very creative and is a self-taught artist. Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts, her earliest memories are of drawing with colored chalks as a child. The artist’s most vivid memories of her visits to South Carolina moved her to paint visions of the Low Country’s comforting Southern culture. Gillens dreamed of one day returning to the place that won her heart and spirit. When finally realizing her dream, the artist became closely connected with the people and culture she so loves.

Gossip Over Greens by Cassandra Gillens

The Art of Nancy Weezy Forman

Cadillac Spa by Nancy Weezy Forman

Life in the arts was inevitable for Nancy…a natural path from a young age for the future photographic artist who saw life as color and balance. As a teenager, she enjoyed visiting flea markets and was drawn to memorabilia from the 40s and the 50s. Nancy’s mother was a model, and fashion and design offered to her another world of creativity. The artist took her first photography course while studying at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. During time spent in southern Utah and having a natural gift for finding beauty in unexpected places, Nancy found her niche in photographing vintage, abandoned trucks. These iconic, American symbols could be found in various locales, especially in the desert or nestled in the landscape with a barn as the backdrop. They were irresistible! As she travels the country, sometimes the best part of her work is the sheer luck of rounding a corner on a dirt road with the sun in a perfect position…and there is an old “friend” waiting just for her and her camera. The stories that the images evoke tell much more than the truck’s year, make, and model….it’s also the era of its design and the eternal beauty of nature reclaiming it that serve as inspiration. Many years and thousands of miles later, Nancy’s passion for photography and travel have brought her to a place of playful, creative expression.

Moody Blue by Nancy Weezy Forman

Whereas some painters create images that are seemingly shot from a camera, Nancy's photography has the unique qualities that leaves the viewer believing they're looking at a painting.

Peek-a-boo by Nancy Weezy Forman

The Art of Phillip Philbeck

Fall in the Appalachians Mount Mitchell by Phillip Philbeck

Philbeck’s canvases reveal his immense talent in a profusion of details, and he is especially known for the skies in his images."The sky sets the basic tone for my landscapes,” states the artist.Textures, shapes, and contrasts derived from many of nature’s wonders are painted in vibrant colors; with interesting juxtaposition, the artist bathes his scenes in a dramatic light and atmosphere. Although Philbeck very much admires realism, he has a tendency toward the romantic, emotional types of images such as the Hudson River School brought forth.

Grand Teton from Delta Lake by Phillip Philbeck

Philbeck has a natural attraction to familiar places and things. He recalls fondly exploring the wooded landscapes of neighboring hills and mountains of his childhood, and he puts these many memories on his canvases. The artist’s greatest enjoyment comes from knowing that viewers can relate to his paintings or be taken back to a time when nature was a new, awe-inspiring adventure.

Guardian of the Atlantic by Phillip Philbeck
High Country Grist Mill by Phillip Philbeck

The Art of Rod Chase

Beacon of Hope by Rod Chase

As one of today’s finest and most recognized photorealist painters, Rod Chase has earned the highest respect of his peers and the admiration of legions of collectors. Each painting from the artist’s easel is a masterpiece created from extensive research and numerous photographs of each of his subjects. This technique, along with the aid of historical photographs, results in a timeless quality in each of Chase’s works.

Honored Glory by Rod Chase
Notre Dame de Paris by Rod Chase

In his quest for mystique, accuracy, and a true sense of history, Chase does extensive research. His travels have led him from New York and Washington, D.C. to Colorado and California and finally to Italy in a never-ending search to obtain materials and photography for new paintings. The talented artist says, "Being a photorealist, I am dependent on finding accurate reference material for each painting.” Chase works with acrylics on canvas, spending hundreds of hours on each painting with the ultimate goal of presenting a fresh, unique, and elegant approach to familiar subjects. The detail in each painting is remarkable, but the mood each is equally impressive.

Old Glory by Rod Chase


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