" In 1989 we created the Ritual Trance Dance technique as a progression of shamanism and shamanic ritual into the 21st century. We continue to develop this dance application through the proper training of persons into understanding the deeper uses of sensory deprivation, breath work, sound, rhythm and focus of mind. Ritual Trance Dance has enjoyed 28 years of development as a legitimate tool for both emotional healing and spiritual evolution.

Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being."

Wilbert Alix, Founder / Director Trance Dance International



Ritual Trance Dance event pictures were not taken in this training

The Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program is a 10 day (72 hours) professional training retreat designed to prepare you to conduct a Ritual Trance Dance Program. In this training you will study the mystical, scientific and psychological significance of various states of trance as healing tools and directly explore the Ritual (blindfold) Trance Dance technique. Included in this training is also ritual experiences in Soul Hunting, Rites Of Passage, The Ancestors Walk and more.

Due to the extensive experiential nature of this 10-day training previous experience in Ritual Trance Dance is a plus but not absolutely required. What is required is proven maturity, previous training in a psychology based and/or other spiritual transformation related modality, experience as a wellness teacher or facilitator and a willingness to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness directly. This program is designed to train facilitators as well as persons interested in its initiatory (transformational) value. Attendance is open to persons 30 years of age and older. An application process is required before being accepted into this training.

Student Testimonials about the training

" An amazing journey where I could see and embody authenticity... Amazing to be vulnerable and feel safe in the same time. Thank you! "

" Very professional... Good we had a "real" group on Friday evening to experience a trance dance session for real. Enough time to really explore the matter. I appeciated the honesty and authenticity of the approach. "

" It was given me a new perspective of how to look into things. It has open doors of shamanic ways on a deeper level I do appreciated. I assume I will feel the whole effect only after the training. All the training was well structured and allowed me to get more and more familiar with the subject of the training. "

" An experience to remember. A true journey which required a trusting in the process from the start. Enjoyable and challenging in equal measures. A training that I cannot yet imaging what will transform into."

" Deep awakening healing experience! Thank you. Learned a lot about myself and I need to learn more. I realized this it is just the top of the iceberg. I have been waiting so long for this. But it was the right moment. It gaves me the feeling that I found my tribe, who understands me and where I can be myself. The ancestors walk was very intense but so awakening and I felt lighter. "

" I wasn´t entirelly sure what we would/could be doing for 10 days but it was so much to take in. There is really a lot to learn and experience. It´s like there´s two strands of the same thing. One with history, theory, mechanics of Trance Dance and one where I as an individual was going through my own journey and transformation. I have done some transformational work and this complemented it and clarified a spiritual aspect that I have been not aware of. As most important things in life - it takes time and experience to be confident and wise - this was a beautiful entry experience. "

" I intend to return at some point, perhaps to take another training or participate in a ritual support in some way. This has been a very positive experience for me and I will encourage others to come. "


" This training retreat will take you on a personal mythological journey that will illuminate your mind and heart from darkness into light." - Wilbert Alix

Student Testimonials about Wilbert Alix

" Wow! What a complex teacher! I learned so much. He is very natural in his teachings, very clear and helpful. He creates trust. "

" I experienced a very professional and passionate teacher whose shamanism had a deep effect on my emotional and spiritual body. His teaching is clear and effective. His lifelong pratice and wisdom brings the "facts" in the open. He offers an enormous bunch of experiences and it takes probably more than this one workshop to be able to receive all the messages. "

" I love his energy and experience. "

" Clearly, this teacher is beyond knowledgable of every aspect of the Ritual Trance Dance. The manner and way of being as a teacher facilitates understanding on many levels. It is not an easy task, as for me, I am rooted in an analytical and linear existence. Wilbert understood that and was patient and supportive even when I struggled to get out of my head. "

" He made a powerful impression on me, a bit too much in the beginning but then I was more relaxed afterwords. I like his clarity, practical examples and his experiences. It helped me to understand his teachings. Natural way of telling stories, humour and authentic. He opened a whole new world for me. I made the right choice. "

" A source of knowledge and insight with clear boundaries. For me it was a welcomed change over the duration of the training to the see the " authority " being presented in a less formal way than at the start - an easing into a more approachable being. "


Luísa Paula Pereira & Petra Kezman

"Everyone had been showing a lot of care. Thank you all. "

" Luisa was great - having someone who is so experienced and commited to this experience and training. She is generous with herself and in a soft inviting way. Clearly that is a community that is commited as well - she has a gift and is a gift.

"Luisa is dedicated to serve the training with every cell. She works on the back very noticable. I appreciated a lot her leading through the Trance Dance rituals. Petra was kind to everybody. I appreciated her."

" Luisa was for me a wonderful, wonderful facilitator. She brings calm and trust into the space. "

" Luisa is such a wondeful being to have around with her calm presence - and amazing dances. Thank you. Also for spotting. "

" Wonderful community of people that work together. I liked very much. Luisa is such a warm loving person and I had many conversations with Petra, so caring. Thank you all."

" Very supportive and available. "


Student Testimonials about the Retreat Center

" Beautiful wooden construction, cosy, nice people, felt like an ashram, community, home."

" Everyone here is most supportive and open,. The building, food, accomodations are well cared for and everyone is approachable and kind. "

" I loved the pond and the frogs. "

" Great space for the dance. "

" Happy with the healthy food. "

" I liked that we could walk outside, go into the pond. Gave us an opportunity to relax - be with nature."

" Very professional equipment in the training room."

" A lot of diversity, fresh, healthy and very tasteful food."

" I really enjoyed the enviroment, peaceful! "

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