Bring It Back Emilee macias, laurEn perez, Carla tarinian, and natalia burgos.


Reasons why Catholics are not fully practicing their faith.

Catholics many feel that certain groups of people such as homosexuals, divorced or unmarried couples, and women are not welcome in the Church. Catholics may be dissatisfied by their priest and prefer to not attend Church. Catholics may feel that the homilies they hear do not inspire or relate to them. They simply put more faith in society's values than they do in the Church's values.

Jesus commission and of the establishment of the Catholic Church.

The Great Commissioning is the instructions given by Jesus to spread the Gospel to the world and baptize all nations in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. We could read about the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. It took place on a mountain and with Jesus and his Twelve Apostles. He commissioned the Twelve to be with him and to go out to preach. He also gave them authority like the authority to drive out demons. The establishment of the Catholic Church is closely tied to the Apostles because through them, the Church grew and spread to the ends of the earth. In the Acts of the Apostles, we read how Jesus left the Holy Spirit to guide and influence the Church and its community of believers. Early Christians lived as one whole community, preaching and worshipping together.

Apostles and their significance in the Early Life of the Church.

Peter: He was the leading apostle of the Twelve and the spokesman of the Christian community. He was largely responsible for the growth of the early Church community. Peter’s preaching on Pentecost started an immense growth in the early Church. Jesus commissioned his Apostles to spread his message. The Acts of the Apostles explains how the Apostles worked from this command. The first part of Acts focused on Peter’s missionary career, which took place in and around Jerusalem.

Paul: Paul eventually joined the community at Antioch (Acts 11:25–26), which subsequently commissioned him and Barnabas to undertake the spread of the gospel to Asia Minor. This missionary trip generally failed to win the Jews to the gospel but enjoyed success among the Gentile group. He was known as the "missionary to the Gentiles." He spread the gospel across the Roman Empire.

James: James is the brother of Jesus and took part in the spreading of the Good News after Jesus and had resurrected. As leader in Jerusalem, James spoke with authority to end an internal Church controversy over the circumcision of gentile believers. (Acts 15:13–19). James explains that one of the most valuable things we can do for fellow-followers of the way of God is to bring them back from error. He lived his life in the shadow of Jesus Christ, devoting his life to him.

Differentiation of the Early Church with the Church of today

Role/mission of the Catholic Church: The mission of the Church is the mission that Jesus Christ instructed to his apostles, which was to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth for the growth and establishment of the Catholic Faith. Jesus clearly recognized the need for ordained leadership necessary for teaching the Faith, administering the sacraments, and preserving the unity of the Church. Ave Maria Press p. 37

The New Evangelization is a focus that calls all Catholics to be evangelized, or converted, and to go out and evangelize others. It calls believers to deepen their faith and believe and spread the Gospel. It began for the purpose of bringing back people to the Catholic faith through the renewal of their relationship with the Church and Jesus Christ.

The New Evangelization is different from the early methods of Evangelization because the Early methods were trying to bring a new religion into the minds of the people and they had to travel all throughout the world in order to do that while the New Evangelization is now trying to bring people back into the Catholic religion and we could do that now through different forms of media to spread the message. They are similar because they are both trying to persuade people to join into the community of the Catholic faith and follow the mission of Jesus Christ.

The New Evangelization is relevant to our campaign because this campaign is being made for the purpose of bringing back the Gospel to people who have had crisis in their faith which is the focus of the New Evangelization. They go hand in hand for spreading the Gospel to more people.

Multimedia Campaign

Spokesperson: Mr. Jean

Motto/Slogan: Bring It Back

Hashtag: #BIB

Logo: ↪️💒↩️

We choose Mr. Jean as our spokesperson because he is the head of our school, everyone looks up to him and listens to him. Our motto/slogan is “Bring It Back” because we are trying to bring everyone back to the church. Our hashtag is “#BIB” because it is the first letter of all three words. Our logo is “↪️💒↩️” because it has two arrows going back to the church in the middle.

To be an apostle of Christ means to be one who is commissioned and sent to spread the Gospel. An apostle is a church planter who establishes new communities of believers.

Our demographics which is high school students involved in athletics, peer Ministry, and drama club. They are all in the same age range and could be influenced by the use of social media. Our campaign includes different forms of social media as well as ads, posters, and T-shirts.



Come visit our website to get your own T-shirt and to be updated on our daily blog about the church.



(Acts of the Apostles 4:32-35) Ave Maria Press p. 31-33 Ave Maria Press p. 32-33

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