Southern Africa Pages 377-396

Land forms and body of water

  1. A place were two oceans meet.
  2. Kalahari dessert.
  3. Madagascar is the 4th larges island.


  1. The Great Escarpment.
  2. The Namib.
  3. There are many plateaus.

Water Bodies

  1. Zambezi
  2. Limpopo
  3. Orangedrain

which type of landfomrs are most common Southern Africa

Which type of landform is common in Southern Africa


  1. Humade
  2. Mostly rain in the seasons

Temperate Zones

  1. northern Angola and northern Mozambique have a tropical wet-dry climate
  2. The Tropic of Capricorn

Desert Region

  1. Namib
  2. Kalahari
Why are temperatures in Southern Africa's tropical countries generally
Because it is the richest regionin natural resources
What natural resources are found in Southern Africa, and why are they important
One of the larges deposit of many minturals

South Africa's Resources

  1. World biggest deposit of platinum.
  2. There main resource is in minning.

Energy Resources

  1. They burn coal to get energy
  2. Mozambique has the biggest deposits of natural gasses

Minerals and other resources

  1. Namibia is one of Africa's richest countries
  2. Botswans as a leading in supling dimons


  1. Southern Africa has a wide virity of animales
How dose deforestation affect the energy supply in the region.
Makes it hard to mine in the sand.

History of Southern Africa

  1. They live as a hunter and gather group.

Great Zimbabwe

  1. The Shona people built the Great Zimbabwe
  2. The great Zimbabwe was abandoned in 1400s

The Mutapa Empire

  1. Thrived in gold and trading good.
  2. Portuguese took them over.

Other Kingdoms

  1. Many kingdoms rose and fell on the island madagascar.
  2. The frace took over madagascar.

European Colonies

  1. Around 1500, porugal and others European countris began establishing settlements along Africa.

Clashes in South Africa

  1. dutch pushed in to there land and they didn't like it.

The Union of South Africa

  1. Thousands of Boers left the collony in a migration called the Great Trek.

Colonialism in Other Areas

  1. Had a miting to deivied the continent among themselves.
Which European country claimed the most territory in Southern Africa in the 1800s?
Great Briten

Independence and Equal Rights

  1. Southern Africa contry to gain indepenence.

The end of Portuguese Rule

  1. Angola and Mozambique became independent countries in 1975 as a result.

The Birth of Zambabwe

  1. They got to have freedom.

Equal right in South Africa

  1. One of the leaders brought equal right.
  2. They now have a native laguges.
  3. In 1995 they started healing there.

Life in Southern Africa-The People of the Region

  1. The population is overwhelmingly black Africans.

Population Patterns

  1. A lot of contrys are in the millons.
  2. `If there is a high death rate more than likely there is a high birth rate.
  3. South Africa and Angola are about the same size.

Ethnic and culture gruops

  1. They speak several lagules.
  2. Some are important to there history.
  3. 4 million people formed Botswana.

Religion and Languages

  1. Christananty was broght in africa by mursonares.
  2. Zimbabwe and swaziland are a blend of chistanty and tradisanal religen.
“What is the main religion practiced in Southern Africa?”

Life in Southern Africa

  1. There are a lot of ways of life in africa.

Urban Life

  1. almost all of the people live in the contry side.

Urban Growth and Change

  1. problim geting clean water.
  2. work attecs people there.
  3. large amonts of people in other contryts live there.

Family and Traditional Life

  1. in the contrys tradisanl ways are stronger.
  2. Men have been leaveing there villges.
“Where in their countries do most Southern Africans live?”
the contry

Southern Africa Today

  1. Have weath are going to help them.

Health Issues

  1. life expection is low in africa.


  1. A lot of them have aids.
  2. It is normal to have aids in africa.
  3. Huge number of aids orphan.

Progress and Growth

  1. They have humans rights.
  2. Namibia are strong dimacrats.

Help From Other Countries

  1. Pay for matical help.
  2. Helps the poor.
“Why is life expectancy in Southern Africa so low?”


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