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FVA Overview!

Meet the team!

FVA is supported by an amazing staff of Forsyth County teachers from schools across the district! We also have a team of full-time administrators and content specialists who are dedicated to helping you have an incredible online learning experience! Please see the video below to learn who is who!

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Getting Started!

Step 1 - Accessing your Course and General Navigation

FVA courses are accessed via itsLearning. Please view the tutorial below to learn how to navigate your course.

Step 2 - Staying in touch

It is VERY important to check your course homepage and itslearning messenger in itsLearning daily for optimal success. The itslearning messenger is the most reliable and effective way to communicate with your teacher. Due to this, it should be the primary method of communication with your teacher. Refer to the announcements on your course's homepage as well!

Step 3 - Organization

Forsyth Virtual is an asynchronous program, meaning that you have access to your course at any point of any day, 24/7. Due to this nature, it is very important that you locate the course planner and resources frequently, understand when the posted due dates are, and set up a schedule accordingly. Failure to stay organized and on pace with the posted due dates will affect your academic standing drastically.

Step 4 - Accessing and Understanding your Course Materials

The key to success in a virtual classroom are organizing your time and staying on track with assignments. Use the course pacing guide or syllabus is the best way to stay on track! While some courses will provide a separate guide or checklist, others will simply use the course planner within itslearning to keep track of assignments. Your teacher will communicate this information through the course planner, resources and other methods within your course as well!

Please message your teacher at any time if you have questions about the class or content! Your teacher will have office hours and occassional live sessions to provide additional support (approx. 2/week). Please find the time for those support sessions within the teacher provided course materials!

Step 5 - Accessing your Grades

Like all other schools in Forsyth County, student grades and information are housed in Parent Portal. To access your grades, you will simply log into Parent Portal and make sure the 'view' is changed to reflect Forsyth Virtual Academy. Please see the links below for assistance. *Please note: Forsyth Virtual grades will not be reflected on your base school's report cards/ progress reports. Using the method linked below will be required to review student progress and grades in FVA courses at all times.

Other Important Policies/Information:

FVA Late Work Policy

FVA strongly encourages students to complete and submit assignments on or before each assigned due date, in order to achieve desired academic success.. Failure to complete assignments by these dates will drastically reduce content comprehension and potential options for recovery.

FVA Missing Work Policy

Assignments that have not been completed or submitted by the established due date will be entered as “M” in the gradebook, resulting in a grade calculation of 0%. Once completed, teachers will assess the submission and update the gradebook accordingly.

Please note: To receive credit for late work, all previously assigned activities (formative and summative) must be submitted within two weeks of each semester’s end.

FVA Honor Code

Forsyth Virtual believes the fundamental objective of this program is to provide students with a high quality education, while developing a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe that trust is an integral part of the learning process and that self-discipline is absolutely necessary in this pursuit. Please review the policy linked below to ensure the integrity of student work is upheld.

Testing Information

Normally, state mandated testing (EOGs and EOCs) is required for those who choose to take these corresponding courses with FVA. These exams, along with any applicable AP exams will be taken at the student's base school during the scheduled times. However, all of this is dependent on policies set by the State of Georgia and College Board, which will indicate if tests are required for the current school year.

Calendar and Important Dates:

FVA courses begin on Thursday , August 5th and the Academy's calendar coincides with the Forsyth County Schools' 2021-2022 approved school calendar.

Contact Information:

For your teacher's contact information, locate the "Teacher Information" box on your course homepage. There you will find the most appropriate method of communication for your teacher. If you have questions about your schedule, please contact your school counselor and they will be able to assist.

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