Adams County Brighton Iowa Period 4 Iowa history BY: KYLE SINNOTT

Adams County is located in southwestern Iowa. The town seat for Adams County is Brighton Iowa. There are a group of lakes where people go to fishing for trophy bass. They also visit here to kayak, go on picnics, and just have an enjoyable visit. You can also visit the house of history in Adams County, and learn about many things, including the trunk that rode to America on the Mayflower in 1620. On March 12, 1853, Adams county was finally organized. In 1888 Adams County courthouse was burned down, which lost many records and files. Adams County was named/originated after John Adams, a previous president of the united states. The most recent tracking of population for Adams County was 3,894. The distance from Albia to Brighton Iowa is approximately 104.9 miles which is roughly a 2 hour drive. Corning, Lenox, Prescott, and Carbon are some towns in Adams County

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Overall I believe Adams County is an awesome place to live out. It is very homey, and reminds me of Albia. There are awesome recreational parks, and public lakes that are outstanding for catching trophy bass. I will definitely consider traveling to Adams County for a visit.

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