Global Warming David L

Ever since people have started getting crazy about global warming, it has been everywhere in the news. The topic has been blown up all over the place, and people are afraid. Many have questions like why is it happening? Or How do we stop it? But only time will tell… and a bit of science.

Global warming scares people

Global warming has been on people's mind since the 1970’s and has been lead to by many causes.

Some of those causes include the sun killing the ozone layer, which could let solar radiation in. And, the gasses in the environment also lead to it. These things can have bad effects on the earth, like a rising sea layer, a average global temperature rise, and forests, and farms will have new bugs, heat waves, and heavy downpours. That can be bad because a heat wave, or a rising sea layer, could impact all life on earth. The ice caps are already melting, and there could be even severe droughts. Things are already extinct now, lets not add to it.

Possible Solution?

Some possible answers include using nature, or just not doing some things. Like for example: If we throw out plastic bottles then we will then start a slow process of decomposition for them. When those bottles decompose, they turn into gas. That gas is bad for the environment. If we plant trees, then we can get rid of that gas, and turn it back into oxygen for our survival and reduce CO2

There are a lot of things to do, like conserving water. This could help the environment because water takes energy to filter and clean. So if we stop needing to purify as much water, then we will conserve energy, and won’t put as bad chemicals and gasses into the environment. Another possible solution is just to not throw plastic bottles out.


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