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FIRST THINGS FIRST...I'm the realest. Okay, Okay I'm joking. But really right now you probably have gone through my site, my insta and you have an idea of what the process looks like and you have seen plenty of images of stunning babes killin it. Some of you may be wondering things like: damn. will I look that good doing this? Do I even have the confidence for something like this ? What if I don't like how I look? Am I good enough for this? Can I spend that kind of money on myself? I'm sure you have had one of these feelings of self doubt, seriously the vast majority of babes feel this way before hand! Here are just a few words of encouragement, come on read on babe. Let us first say that the boudoir experience in itself is for EACH & EVERY woman and every single body type. The promise and vow we make to you is that our creative team will show you the most beautiful images of yourself you've ever seen. Sexy does not have a size or standard to it at all. You will be posed and coached the whole way and believe me that you will find new things about yourself during the session & you will transform within minutes of being in front of the camera. This experience, This session, this is a fluid conversation all about YOU and what makes you your beautiful & sexy self.
Confidence comes from doing things that require you to be brave, strong and fierce! Hardly any of our clients walk right into their sessions feeling like models & ready to take on the world. It's our job to pull that out of you & show you what you are made of . And if you don't think we can, then we personally challenge you to let us try! You are good enough. You are worth it! You are good enough to go after anything you want. You are a bad ass baby who can make things happen and we know shit happens and sometimes those things leave us with shitty negative self feelings. We are here to tell you and show you those beliefs about your body and your beauty & your self all together aren't true at all!
NOW IS THE TIME. My passion , comes from the bad-ass women like you who step into our studio in search of a transformation, not just of physical appearance, but rather, your view of who you are & what you see when you look in the mirror. Through the power of pampering, styling, and a lot of relaxation we help you see what your loved ones see: the strong, fearless, amazing beautiful woman whose inside...right now. Not 10lbs lighter, or when life settles down or the kids have grown up, or you have "time" . In my experience, it may never feel like the perfect time or that you havethe"time" for you, until you take that jump & you've experience it for yourself. I will be with you every step of the way from the pre-shoot consultation to the post-shoot reveal and everything in between. Whether your session is a luxury portrait session or a more sultry, seductive session, we provide you with an awesome empowering experience all about celebrating you & your beautiful uniqueness and to help you see the true person you are!
Boudoir is not Cute, it isn't pretty, It is the act of a person shedding all their insecurities all the bullshit that ways them down and letting themselves be vulnerable and it's in this space, that I help women realize their confidence, capabilities, and fearlessness, complete badassness and become reunited with the woman they always were. Every woman who enters my studio and steps in front my lens comes to me with her own story, experience and issues and instead of just creating "pretty" pictures in just a "simple" photo session, we use this experience together to capture her transition from insecurity and nervousness to a fierce badass babe who finally, realizes that she is worthy of loving herself without any freaking apologies. If my boudie babe looks at her photos & her heirloom products and it makes her chin lift a bit higher, more pep in her step or gives her a bit more power to take on her day, then I have done what I came here to do. It is all about breathing life back into a woman when she needs it the most.
All of our sessions come with hair & makeup, not because we think you need it, but rather because nothing feels better than being taken care of & pampered! We want to ensure you are photo ready and feeling like a bombshell & are relaxed! During your consultation, we talk about the type of makeup and styles that get you excited and outfits & every question you may have. Our mission is to celebrate you as the kick ass woman you are, so our makeup and hair will be just to bring our your assets, but still keep you looking like your gorgeous self! During this hour and a half, we will help you relax and get rid of any last minute nerves by playing music that you like, providing you with beverages, and keep you smiling.
As your boudoir photographer, I don't want you to stress about, or during your session. To help make your wardrobe choices easier, I have compiled hundreds of gorgeous pieces in all sizes to give you more options. I will also help you shop, show you the best sites and sit with you one on one and help you choose the best pieces for you! I am a big believer that less is more when it comes to styling in boudoir. Wear what makes YOU feel sexy, not what society might tell you is sexy. While you are being taken care of in hair & makeup, I will go through your items and determine which will be best for your shoot! After all, I want you to look amazingggg! At the very least bring the following items to your shoot: black bra, black panties, and a nude thong & a black thong.
I want you to know that butterflies are totally normal before a session, but once you start talking with us , finish your massage and listen to the music playing in the studio your nerves will have pretty much disappeared before we start shooting! Nerves just mean you care and are about to do something to help yourself grow as a person. Remember nothing great ever came from a comfort zone ! Once we start shooting, we will jump right in and I will continually give you direction and advise you on how to pose ( most of the time I will demonstrate the pose for you too!) . My job as your boudoir photographer is to help you channel your inner goddess and bring out your sensual emotion & inner confidence. When we are exhausted and empowered at the end of your session, we will determine a time for you to come back a week later for your reveal/ordering session! We will send you on your way with a new found confidence and pep in your step & an excruciating want to come back for more!
So lets get grinding..... The Boudoir Studio starts with a session fee that covers your experience from start to finish. Then simple as can be you choose your collection or products that you are dying to have. With the photographs you are swooning over & would like in it! We offer a prepay discount of 10% so if you already know the products you want before we shoot you SAVE! Of course you can always add more to your collection at your viewing, as many of our girls do . Some of our collections come with their corresponding proof digital images in an online gallery! That means if your album has 20 images in it, you get those 20 digitals! It's pretty awesome! Plus we know you will want to share these bad ass images of yourself & who wants to carry an album around all the time? This way they are right at your hands & ready to show off to those best friends of yours!
Here at The Boudoir Studio we realize everyone has a budget & that this purchase might not be one that can be made all at once. This is why we offer a variety of payment plans! For both our experience & our products! If you are interested in hearing more about our payment plans just ask during your initial consult or email!

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