Walk on moon By Keyon Burris

How your got to the moon or how you got home? As I was sitting on the cannon.

How your got to the moon or how you got home? As I was sitting on the cannon.

So I immediately army crawled out. I was to slow and got shot up, up into the sky. Since I was so scared I had my eyes closed then suddenly poof, that's all I hear.
When I heard that I thought that I landed in the net so I screamed yeah and opened my eyes.
When I opened my eyes I saw bright stars I didn't know what it's but as I looked around I saw a bunch of planets and the sun. I was lucky that I was wearing my old NASA astronaut suit. I I made way over to a satellite.
When I grabbed the satellite slowly fell down. Then we started falling so fast it coughs on fire. Then we fell on Mars. Luckily I fell on the local astronauts trampoline.
I bounced right back up and down till I stopped bouncing. Then the astronauts stopped what they were doing and looked at me.
I told the my story and all they did was laugh historically. They all told their names they are Faith, Jake, Nicole, and Trace. Very nice people very nice.
As we were talking I asked when we go home. They said in 3 days that why everything is all packed up. Those 3 days I helped everybody pack and get their things together.
was getting nervous that third day. I was thinking about all of the bad things that might happen. I told myself don't worry about things worry about getting home safely.
As we got set up in the rocket we all gathered hands and prayed. When we finished Faith pushed a few buttons we took off. We safely got up, up, and up then we were in space.
As we were on our way home we took our seat belts off and hanged out. It was 3 months till we got home but we did. When I got home I asked my boss for a raise.
120 and hour sound good and I responded with, “ Sounds great!” 2 years later I ended up being a well known person around the world from all the newspapers and tv shows. I then later made big money from my own show “Where's the Money?” That's my story of my moon trip

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